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  1. Tracking?

    They are a device for tracking only, correct? Can't they be detected by a thief with the appropriate equipment?
  2. Failed Cat Converter

    Thanks for the info...as for now I have not noticed any appreciable difference in performance, but will have it replaced when a new one comes in.
  3. Tracking?

    Thank you kindly...sounds like a great system.
  4. Tracking?

    Thanks kindly....any interference with the truck's current electronics of the Ford Key Fob? I have a Pawer Boost and would still like to retain all of the current functions....
  5. Tracking?

    Question? Does Ford make or is there a third-party tracking/security/disabling system for a F150? Is LoJack or some other manufacturer a possibility? Does anyone have a tracking system installed? Any/all recommendations would be appreciated....CHEERS!
  6. MF%$&*(%#@%*! Squirrels

    .22 Mag with a silencer, .17 high powered air gun. 🤣….seriously, you might consider a live trap and then dumping them out somewhere far away if nothing else works but that would be an ongoing solution…Cheers and good luck.
  7. PB Trip Report (for anyone who cares)

    I hope to find out when they remove...
  8. PB Trip Report (for anyone who cares)

    Took my '23 PB in for an oil change the day prior going to my grandson's graduation at USC in Columbia, SC. I was told the Catalytic Converter was bad and they couldn't get one for a couple of weeks. Anyway, took the truck on the trip then extended into VA, WV, OH, KY and back home. Wife...
  9. Failed Cat Converter

    On a trip right now with 1350 miles behind me, Engine Light was 'off' when I left dealer....seems to be working great so far.....Cheers
  10. Failed Cat Converter

    Thanks LuckyTrucky, most appreciated
  11. Failed Cat Converter

    was it clogged or just a mechanical failure?
  12. Failed Cat Converter

    Thanks all, I will be stopping by the Ford dealer tomorrow to see if there are any flow issues, AT ALL. If absolutely no flow issues, I will probably drive it since I was helping my daughter help moving my grandson after he graduates from college this weekend.
  13. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    I absolutely loved the intruder (1500 hrs and 450+ landing) and yes, a great mission, carried a boat load of weapons, a strong and sturdy bird but not as pretty as the sleek f-14's, it was truly a beautiful bird. But as we said while I was serving, 'Fighters pilots make movies, Attack pilots...
  14. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    Cheers and as I told Hammaman, my experience with these radars date back to the 70's, 80's 90's and nothing since. All this is new tech to me...
  15. Failed Cat Converter

    Never heard any noise at all and don't use racing fuel for sure.:) When I have it replaced, I will ask the tech what the cause was. And like you, surprised a CC would fail so soon....Cheers
  16. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    My last work and experience with radars was way back, flying the A-6 Intruder back in the 70's and 80's. It was equipped with the AN/APG-148 radar which is/was a pulse Doppler Kᵤ band multi-mode radar that was developed and manufactured by Northrop Grumman and used extensively for terrain...
  17. Failed Cat Converter

    '23 PB with less than 20K. Getting ready for >2000-mile trip and got an 'engine light' the other day. Took it to the Ford dealer yesterday and after a long day they finally told me the Cat Converter had failed or was broken and said they requested a replacement, but it would take over a week...
  18. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    I'm sure the Ford and all other makes Radar can't determine if an object it detects is moving or not, only the apparent rate of separation, closing or separating from the radar. Ford could resolve that problem by installing DOPPLER radar, :) then again, the price would skyrocket. Like...