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  1. 23 F150 Rearend sweating/weeping leak??

    No way fluid on floor is normal
  2. Anyone try the eBay stx grill?

    I also much prefer the STX grill and don’t understand the grill on other trim lines Go for it I see no reason not to the Chinese copy good and at $400 I’d say this is a quality copy just check sellers feedback
  3. How to clean your F-150?

    A stable step ladder to clean top of cab Those 1” wide channels that run full lenght of cab above doors are in need of good scrubbing as they collect pollen and such Compared to Tacom I had it’s like trying wash a school bus 😂
  4. Pros/cons with my new F150 after a few weeks

    My 22 STX has quietest cab on any vehicle I’ve owned I do have a drivetrain whine when coasting that sucks but Ford service manager told me it’s a transmission brake feature sounds like BS to me I think it’s from rear end but stereo drowns it out I block out dash screens and they keep coming...
  5. Normal towing mileage ?

    I’ve wondered same thing Mine 2.7 and on highway 68 mph mine drops from 21 to 16 pulling light aluminum boat with 60/40 Yamaha jet with aluminum trailer My other boat is 15’ jon with 15HP 2 stroke both are light making no sense I suppose must be huge wind resistance thingie Same truck on 2...
  6. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    What he said 👍
  7. 2022 5.0 Oil Pan Failure

    Is that a steel or plastic oil pan? I know that F-150’s from 4-5 years ago had many problems with leaking on 5.0 engines to the point that they went months waiting for replacement
  8. OEM tires wore out pretty quick

    Manufacturers seem to get a special blend of rubber and although have same labeling as the regular tire I feel buying same tires later would last much longer Maybe ride/cost are the reasons The tires Toyota put on Tacoma’s are terribly short lived many are replaced before 15K
  9. My view settings constantly reseting

    I’ve had so many issues with this on my 22 I only want trip 1 and for 1st couple months of owning it stayed there I have to remove every other screen and now it usually works Occasionally like yesterday it started on darn digital speedometer These things have a mind of their own If I were...
  10. Leaking front axle?

    Just relax and watch it over time If your fluid level stays the same and your getting no slinging of fresh lubricants on truck or dripping on floor no worries
  11. What were to happen if I...

    The strange thing to me about my 22 with column shift is on any other vehicle I’ve ever driven the shifter had a lock hump deal They would go in all forward gears and swiftly moving lever up it would stop at neutral You had to pull it towards you to go reverse or park This F150 lacks this lock...
  12. Changing from 5.0 6spd to EB 3.5 10Spd

    The transmission in my 22 EB has always been extremely smooth since day one but I have under 10K on the truck Good luck
  13. Correct PSI but abnormal tire wear

    I only start with recommendations on new tires on any vehicle Early tire wear dictates how I adjust my pressure I find on my little cars although pressure on sidewalls shows 35 I might end up running 26 Or the opposite I also check how warm all 4 tires are running they need to get a little...
  14. ‘21 2.7 Inlet tubes

    Possibly going to a dealership parts department and getting a helpful person in parts to have a look to be sure you’re ordering the correct part might help you
  15. Any way to pull up transmission fluid temp on 22 STX?

    Since the STX is basically XL I’ve never been able to pull up tranny fluid temperature or battery voltage Is there a way?
  16. 540,000 miles on a second gen 2.7

    Very interesting read If the tranny went that far is also amazing but level interstate would be perfect conditions to achieve this But still very impressive
  17. Moisture in Headlights 302A - 2021 xlt

    Don’t waste your time going to Ford service I’ve never had another vehicle of any kind do this and they should not Still it’s normal for modern F150’s
  18. Oil change interval at just 1,000 miles?

    I’m 69 and no one has ever changed oil in mine or my sons vehicles I always rotate the tires at the same 5K On my 22 F150 I think it’s easy to just slide under on a piece of cardboard they’re so high I realize also it wouldn’t be easy for everyone I’d hate to trust someone to change it for me...
  19. Oil change interval at just 1,000 miles?

    Could I ask what that Amsoil is going for a quart approximately and price of the filter please? I used to see a seller for it 15 years ago but not now in my area although I’m sure it’s available somewhere around here Thanks
  20. Crushing disappointment of my Dealer doing a simple tire change

    Another thing a Sears auto store replaced tires on our Accord The tech just let pretty side bounce on the dirty gritty concrete floor Ruined all four When I complained they ordered 4 new wheels from Honda When they came in the service manager came outside and took pictures of every inch of...