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  1. Where is the setting in Sync for approach detection? (23-PU1009-SS-NS)

    I'm referring to this update I just got. My truck already lit up when I walked up to it, so I'm not sure what this is and I can't find it anywhere in any settings screen.
  2. Power up 6.5.0 with an advanced warning that it'd install.

    I've gotten at least 7 or more updates since I bought this truck a little over a year ago. This is the first time I've ever gotten this screen before. Still pretty excited, how many more ota's are there out in the wild beyond this?
  3. OTA 23-pu1103-nat-vce. I can't find any info on it.

    I've attached the pictures. I don't see anything different. I don't see a profile button on the different top bar. What am I not seeing? I also searched the forum for this exact update and didn't find anything.
  4. What have you set your steering wheel heat temp to? (Poll)

    Hello all, I know how to make this change and I plan on making it later today, I wanted to ask around and see what you changed your steering wheel heat to and if you have experienced any issues?
  5. Heated steering wheel has a small cold spot, is this normal?

    My 2022 with the factory heated steering wheel has a very small cold spot. It is right where the seam meets at the lower right side (see picture). Is this where the element starts and ends? Or is this something worth bringing in to the dealer since I still have a full warranty. I'll admit...
  6. Any way to secure the fuel filler cap/spout to prevent vandalism?

    I was watching a YouTube video about someone who got sugar poured in their gas tank. It got me thinking that our trucks have no security at all, not even a fuel filler cap. Is there any product out there to somehow put a locking cap or something over our fuel filling location?
  7. Ford Pass App icon color changed

    For me at least the icon for the Ford Pass App chsnged from a white background to a darker Grey almost black background. I noticed it the same time I got that weird sync 4a email.
  8. PSA: If you still haven't received Coolwalk (Android Auto) try this.

    I hadn't gotten coolwalk still as of yesterday, I know it's a Google server side thing but I felt like I was the last one. I searched this out and found these instructions on reddit and it worked for me. 1. go to settings > apps 2. go to android auto 3. force stop 4. clear cache 5. clear...
  9. Am I reading this right? Auto locking doors when you walk away?

    Is this option possible on our trucks? Or is this some MachE or Lightning thing? Or am I totally misreading this section? Walk Away Lock (WAL) • Walk Away Lock Feedback (WALF) • Double Lock Reminder (DLR) • Steering Gear Ratio (SGR) 7D0-09-05 xxxx *xxx xx-- 0 = WAL Disabled...
  10. J & L oil separator, anyone install it anywhere other than by the battery?

    So I have this sitting on my bench ready to install. I originally watched the install video for the POWERboost 3.5L and theirs is installed on the firewall all tucked away out of site. Little did I realize the regular 3.5L is installed by the battery and towers over the engine bay. Now...
  11. I believe the blue cruise date of 10-06-2073 is just a typo in OTA

    So I saw someone post about their blue cruise date changing from something like 10-03-2023 to 10-06-2073. Injust got the other day so I decided to check and sure enough mine is also at 10-06-2073. I'd be willing to bet this is just an incremental update of 3 months and that the 7 is...
  12. Are these display items we can enable? Average Speed and RPM?

    So I am venturing out into the unknown and looking for things to change besides the standard stuff that everyone else already knows about. Am I reading this correctly since it is in the Instrument Panel Cluster section? Are these things we can enable? Average Seeed Average RPM My stock entry...
  13. Android Auto Coolwalk out of beta today (public stable release)

    Does this mean once our phone updates the android auto app, that it'll show up new in the truck, or do we still need a SYNC update that no one can get unless they install it themselves?? https://www.androidpolice.com/android-auto-redesign-rollout-ces-2023/
  14. Wi-Fi, when is it connected?

    So I connected to my wi-fi the first time I drove my new truck into the garage and assumed it was always connecting everytime I pulled into my garage. The router is in the room above it, the Sync screen says the signal strength is excellent. Today I put my new battery charger/tender on it and...
  15. Noco Genius 10 or Clore Automotive PL2320

    I have a tiny 1 Amp battery tender from when I owned a motorcycle, I want a larger one that's better for cars/trucks and also good for the Truck. Today on Cyber Monday these two are on sale and I have seen both talked about on this forum. Edit: I should have linked them from the start. Clore...
  16. New ForScan user and I can't register at their site, invitation code needed?

    I have searched this forum and I don't see anyone else mentioning this, everyone just seems to buy an ODB device and is off to the races. I watched a tutorial on how to get started with Forscan and step one was to register at their forums, I get an invitation code needed section and have no...