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  1. What "features" do you turn off?

    Turned off auto hold, Approach lights and running board and bluecruise
  2. OT: Anyone still put it in Park ?

    How is keeping your foot on the brake, placing in park and applying ebrake is any different than keeping your foot on the brake, placing in neutral then applying ebrake and finally placing in park?
  3. OT: Anyone still put it in Park ?

    Sure, if you are somewhere absolutely flat then I guess you are okay but I'd like to do it the traditional way. I fail to see how placing in neutral first will prevent the pawl from locking inside the input shaft gear.
  4. Question for jack stands on driveway

    weld a 1/4" steel plate on the bottom of your jack stands.
  5. OT: Anyone still put it in Park ?

    Some instagram video is going around that shows it is better to place in neutral first, engage ebrake and then place in park. I don't know if that is beneficial or not but I do exactly what you do as I have a sloped driveway and I hate for the transmission gears to prevent 6000lbs from rolling.
  6. 2023 F150 Eibach Pro Truck Stage 2R Coilover Level kit

    I have the Toyo AT3s in 285/65R20 and I am very happy with them. I also have the same Eibach front coilovers.
  7. Truck jumps like I got hit after coming to complete stop.

    I know some folks had to have the aux pump and in extreme cases the entire transmission replaced but mine was fixed by tweaking with the software and they returned the truck back to me after only a day!
  8. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Would it be possible to program the buttons in to the Homelink visor buttons?
  9. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    You mean the UFO spacecraft sound? That is definitely there but I kind of liked it!! Can't stand the dump truck back up sound though.
  10. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Order placed for the fuel door pin and the Speaker Bypass - Premium RC Edition(Default Off). I don't think my truck has the fake engine noise as it is pitch quiet when moving forward in EV mode but I could be wrong. Can't wait to install these two and post my review here!
  11. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    Toyota is probably the most reliable brand but boy that Tundra is just butt ugly! Come to think of it, most Toyota cars are ugly! Maybe it's a thing at Toyota.
  12. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    Financially it doesn't make sense for me to trade a 23 now. Plan is to keep it for another five years but in 3 years I will trade it in if there is a plug-in hybrid model or an improved lightening. I nearly purchased a lighting but range is an issue with current models, pulling to a super...
  13. Poll: Powerboost Fuel Efficiency

    That is what I am getting since new as well! Single trips it is anywhere between 17.5-24 but I think it is the average that is important. Mind you, I am levelled with bigger size tires(285/65R20), tonneau cover, bed mat, 50lbs of fixed load, my weight and full Talon Garage plate.
  14. NOCO genius5 not charging PowerBoost

    Not that it should make any difference but have you tried connecting the negative side to the BMS arm? I know it will not register on BMS but I will also try to connect directly to negative terminal to see if it makes any difference. Just as @Snakebitten said, you might also have a bad unit...
  15. Powerboost CAT Shield - Talons Garage or Miller CAT

    Just get the Talon Garage and add the Fumoto valve. It makes changing the oil a lot easier. I installed the full plate setup and I have to remove the front plate every time I am changing oil to gain access to the oil filter. Doesn't bother me but it is an extra step. I have a post in the link...
  16. NFG

    Congrats and post some pictures. I saw a few 24s on the road and at first I didn't like the front grill and head light but it is growing on me.
  17. Quickjack lift point spread

    What is different between the models? Frame size or hydraulic pump? My curb weight with 1/4 tank of gas and all the added accessories in 6,057lbs. 7000TLX max lift point spread is 66. The BMW min is 67.75 and max is 72.75. Center to center is roughly 70 inches. I can literally place a 4x4 lumber...
  18. Quickjack lift point spread

    This is a great idea except, I really don't want to have two sets. Don't have the space and budget. What about if I remove 100Lbs of weight from cargo stuff to get it to 6000lbs and go with the 6000ELX?
  19. Quickjack lift point spread

    My bad! My curb weight is around 6100lbs so the 6000ELX is a no go. I will purchase a 7000TLX and will have an extension fabricated for the BMW.