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  1. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    I was going to order a truck but this is ridiculous. Ford is not getting a dollar from me until this is addressed.
  2. Hands On Opinion -- Half Ton Truck Interiors Compared: 2021 F-150 vs Tundra, Silverado, Sierra, Gladiator, Ram 1500 ?

    I'm with you. All I use is music and podcasts. I don't need a 12 inch screen for that. I prefer physical buttons for climate control.
  3. General feedback on 2021+ 10R80 transmission / shift characteristics

    ANy first model year problems in particular you have experienced, or do you mean that there typically are first year problems in general?
  4. The Tried & True Workhorse ? - 3.3 V6

    Now that this motor gets the 10-speed auto, I am very interested in seeing a review video or someone giving their experience in how this drives. With the 3.73 this is rated to tows 8,200 pounds according to the towing guide. It seems like a reasonable way to go. But I'm curious how it sounds and...
  5. Happy with 5.0?

    I'm curious about V-8 fuel economy on highway trips and with the 3.31 rear axle.
  6. Has anyone driven 21 w/5.0L, is there a dash indicator for the cylinder deactivation?

    I have cylinder deactivation on my Honda Passport (3.5-liter V-6) and it only activates on the highway. It does improve fuel economy. I can get as high as 26 mph when the temperature is nice. Overall my fuel economy average is about 22 because I do use it for a lot of commuting around town. I'm...
  7. Former Dealer Explains How to Factory Order a Car (Step-by-Step)

    Doh! I just posted this in another thread. I thought they did a great job explaining the pros and cons and pricing and negotiating leverage you have as a customer.
  8. Is this a good price?

    Apparently it is standard practice. I enjoyed watching this video about ordering a vehicle.