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  1. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    They are literally stated as "National Discount Packages" in the Order Guides. F'ing clowns. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/2024-f-150-order-guide-updated-with-job-2-guide.19560/
  2. Recent Cruise Control "update" is a safety hazard - how do you submit feedback to Ford?

    I don't think you're alone with that frustration; there was a thread here complaining about it if I recall. For my use case, I don't mind as I turn it on manually in our other vehicles every trip. EDIT: found it -...
  3. Recent Cruise Control "update" is a safety hazard - how do you submit feedback to Ford?

    Same as above, this is how my '22 has been since new. Was annoying at first, but have since gotten used to it.
  4. 3/yr BlueCruise

    Not due for renewal until late 2025, but I'd bite at 600/3; any higher and I'd most likely pass.
  5. About to Join the Tremor Club

    It's more a Lariat with some parts pulled from the Raptor bin (Torsen, Hi-Lock, partial skids, running boards, etc..), and more polarizing looks. If you like/tolerate the orange accents, its a good deal relative to a comparable Lariat.
  6. Bluecruise- to renew or not???

    As a driving aid on longer road trips, I get $200/year worth of value and would renew myself. It helps reduce some fatigue and I don't get the constant alerts other have reported. I wouldn't pay much more than that; certainly not the $800/yr.
  7. 360 Camera Calibration with Forscan

    @DK4 Did the side mirrors get any more aligned when you were done? I ask because I calibrated mine a few times last year (replaced IPMA) and they were/are still a bit off; I just accepted it as good enough. If there is opportunity for improvement, I may run it again in different conditions...
  8. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Would someone be kind enough to check my VIN for module and/or OTA updates? Other than a minor one last week, I've been dry on OTAs since December and getting the itch to get my truck caught up this weekend: 1FTEW1E89NFC02316 Thanks!
  9. Help with buying used 21-23 Tremor

    I used autotempest.com in the past to aggregate results, looks like it may still be a decent tool.
  10. Help with buying used 21-23 Tremor

    Early '22s had minimal deletes, I think this is the sweet spot; I only had to forego auto start/stop and Active Park Assist (added back and subsequently never used). The ambient lighting and HVAC temp. display removal happened across the board starting '22 MY, but are easy retrofits, I would...
  11. Ford removing Park Assist from all vehicles

    Just set this up to demonstrate:
  12. How big is your garage?

    As stated, go as big as possible, and go vertical/loft if you're allowed. My detached shop, built by previous owner, is 30x50 with 11' ceiling and a 9'x16' door. Plumbed with a 1/2 bath and drywalled/insulated, but oddly enough no gas line. We also have a standard attached double garage that...
  13. Downloading Power-Up 6.8.0 Today

    Wouldn't surprise me, I got 6.4 and 6.5 within days of each other before mid-December, but nothing since.
  14. Show me your tints 😎

    Llumar IRX 25 on front, Air 80 on rear
  15. Ford uploads (not updates) over WiFi?

    Mine has only uploaded 66 MB and downloaded ~6 MB in the past month, and most of that was just before I received 6.5.0 on 12/13 (no updates since).
  16. Ford Pass - cannot upload service receipt pictures

    Mine has been the opposite, I couldn't do it several months ago, but worked fine just yesterday.
  17. Downloading Power-Up 6.8.0 Today

    We're in the same boat, I remember us both getting 6.4.0/6.5.0 in quick succession around the same time (mid-December). I had 2 phantom update notifications late December that got my hopes up.
  18. Power-Up 6.5.0 Installed

    Just got 6.5.0 on my '22 Ecoboost, looks like I'm in the 2 weeks after @Skier167 club as well.
  19. 6.4.0 Update

    Just got this on my '22 - Went really quick and got no notifications; still on 23291/1049.
  20. New update anyone else ?

    FYI, got 23-PU1103-NAT-VCE on my 22 Tremor this afternoon; now at 23291, Rev. 1049.