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  1. Faulty Battery? I get alerts periodically that remote features have been turned off due to low battery levels.

    I've had the Powerboost for just under a year now. I have gotten that alert to my phone maybe 3 -4 times now since owning it. It always started and hasn't given me issues so I have just ignored it. I decided to hook it up to my charger today since we are going on a longer trip and the charger...
  2. Remind me what the extended warranty sweet spot is? 100k/7 years?

    I remember a post on here outlining what the sweet spot cost wise was for the extended warranty. I cannot find it through the search function. If I remember right it was 7 years and 100k miles? After that it jumped up in price quite a bit I believe. I have 2022 Powerboost and I'm thinking...
  3. Do I need to revert computer system mods/back up beep on Powerboost before taking it in for service?

    Just what the title states. I've done some minor modding like turning off seatbelt alarms. The biggest one was disconnecting the back up beep on the Powerboost. I'm taking it in tomorrow to get the Auto Climate control looked at and also a oil change. Will they make a fuss at these changes...
  4. KO2s on Powerboost. Not super happy with the MPG hit. Is there a happy middle ground?

    I punctured the stock Territory ATs twice within a week. I live down a gravel road and had rocks drill into those weak tires. We also overland with this vehicle so I need something more. I put 275/70/18 KO2s on it last week. While I love the KO2s, that added ~20lb/tire is really felt in this...
  5. GPS Truing with Forscan, which hex value to read for baseline?

    I'm following the AS-Built calculator spreadsheet. I'm confused as to which hex line I should be getting the base "current hex value" from, since there are two lines we look at for the 2021+ models. Unless I'm missing something, I didn't see it mention which specifc one that value comes from. Help?
  6. If I purchase the 100,000k premium maintenance plan, does that include the 100k regular service?

    Silly question but I just want to make sure before any purchase. Will Ford do the 100k service on that plan or do I need to have the 125k plan etc? Would I just need to schedule it at 95k before the 100k plan runs out?
  7. Is the Ford Premium Maintenance plan worth it?

    I'm sure this has been answered, so sorry in advanced. I've tried searching for it but the search isn't the best. Is the Maintenance plan worth it? Granger Ford quoted me $1885 for 7yr/100k | 7.5k interval, full synthetic. I have a Powerboost. It seems like most people don't buy it. Is it not...
  8. Will Powerboost let you kill the battery with USB Charging or Zone Lighting with the car off?

    I noticed I can shut the car off and keep my selected Zone lighting on, and that also the rear USB charging port continued charging. Is the Powerboost smart enough to not let the battery drain dead or will it let me kill it with these features? I was out camping and secluded so I was worried...
  9. How to successfully contact Ford about dealer not honoring D-Plan Price Protection

    Every time I call Ford support or Ford Marketing, they say they need to transfer me to Ford Marketing. And the loop goes and goes. Even when I get "transferred" to Ford Marketing, that person says the same thing. How have you guys actually gotten someone to talk to about it. I've tried the Ford...
  10. Is the Panoramic Moonroof Laminated Glass?

    I was thinking about getting a clear, to little, tint on the pano moonroof to add some UV protection for the inside as I don't have a garage. If it's laminated though, my understanding is that these block damaging UV rays so a tint for that purpose may be useless? Same for the windshield...
  11. Anyone know the largest Ford dealers in Oregon?

    I'm looking for a couple of the largest dealers in Oregon if anyone knows them. I figured I would have a better chance of ordering and allocation at a bigger dealer. EDIT: That isn't charging above msrp.
  12. Will 502a headlights work in a mid trim Lariat?

    If I buy some 502a headlights for our mid trim 2022 Lariat, will they work and be fully functional with the bending feature etc? I know it may require a wire harness? Like this one: https://customautoworksstore.com/product/2021-f150-502a-led-headlight-plug-play/