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  1. Random clicking

    Good news, keep us updated as that is not the part my dealership is replacing so it will be good to know if your solution fixed it.
  2. Bluecruise Serpentine Ride

    You are not alone. I have been trying to work through this myself. I have had 2 different alignments on the truck to see if that was the cause but sadly it did not solve it. What I hate the most is when using hands free and you switch lanes to pass someone, when the hands free kicks in again...
  3. Random clicking

    The dealership had me come pick up my truck as they are still waiting to hear back from Ford as to what to do next. The only thing I know they tried was reprograming some modules. Upon receiving my truck back it now seems that my wifi hotspot is not working as my phone will connect to it but it...
  4. Random clicking

    I talked to my dealership today and they are still unsure as the how to fix it. They are in contact with Ford to try and figure out the next step to take the troubleshoot. But from my understanding they are having to wait to hear back to Ford so they are going to give me back my truck tomorrow...
  5. New Fender Badges from Air Design

    I appreciate the input from people that have already purchased those. If any of you want to sell yours let me know as I just enjoyed tinkering with things in the truck. But glad I waited for insights from you all before I just purchased the set myself
  6. New Fender Badges from Air Design

    Just saw these today! I am actually impressed with the price, I think I will be looking into a set. https://airdesignusa.com/2021-2022-f-150-fender-vents.html
  7. Random clicking

    Wish I had an update but they are still trouble shooting it. They texted me earlier letting me know they were going to reprogram a few modules but that is the last I have heard.
  8. Random clicking

    Dropped my truck off at the dealership today and they called later to confirm that they were hearing the clicking noise and are having to trouble shoot it. Hope to know more tomorrow.
  9. Random clicking

    I have the same sound but it has nothing to do with the Key fob. After I park at random it will start clicking in 15-20 second intervals. The sound is coming from the master cylinder area. If I open the door or even the hood (key fob no where near the truck) the clicking will stop. I was able to...
  10. Platinum Tailgate badge is coming off

    Thought mine was just a one off. Now that I see others have this problem I will try and make a appointment with my dealership to see if I can get it fixed as well.
  11. Sync 4 email capibility

    If you disconnect your phone from the cable and hit the email button it'll say that your phone does not support it instead of carplay or AA.
  12. Sync 4 email capibility

    There is a email button but when I select it I always get the message that my Galaxy S21 Ultra does not support it, or that it is not supported while android auto is running. Anyone have the email function working? I have been searching online and can't find anything about this option, set up...
  13. What is this mystery part that fell off my truck?

    That is the sound proofing panel that is fixed above the drive shaft U Joint. I just had to take mine to the dealership to get them to apply more adhesive as mine was falling off and hitting the drive shaft. The dealership just used 3M double sided tape to put it back in place.
  14. Submitting Sync Update Suggestions?

    1. Allow Android auto to go full screen! The side window has worthless information. 2. Allow USB ports in center console to work with Sync. I can never close the tray at the front of the center console since it has the only ports to connect to Sync. 3. Have Sync automatically switch to Android...
  15. Best bed dividers and organizers

    I have two I am considering: https://www.ecoological.com/aerobox.html and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MXQRTC2/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_7?smid=A16ZYHH34KM9AH&psc=1
  16. Carb approved Roush Intake in Stock for anyone looking to get a jump on you build!

    May be a dumb question, but when it comes to parts like this that fit the 3.5L eco boost, will it also fit this 2021 3.5L Powerboost?
  17. Complete makeovers: Antimatter Blue Platinum and Single Cab

    @Mrboom_5.0 I'm Your area! Need to contact you for this same work! Shoot me a message brother!
  18. 2021 hybrid transmission problems?

    Yepper! Have a post about it https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/hev-hazard-truck-may-shut-off.2736/ Just got the truck back yesterday. Took 2 weeks, they said mine was the first to have that happen so they had to learn how to trouble shoot it. For me it was the Hybrid Transaxle Module...
  19. HEV-HAZARD truck may shut off!!

    Sorry for the lack of updates. The truck is still at the dealership. They had to contact ford engineers as the dealership was unable to solve the problem. I called the service counter this morning to get an update and I was told that after working with the ford engineers they were told to order...