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  1. PPOB Test with 2023 E-Pro Trailer

    Cool. Thanks in advance.
  2. Share your detailing / garage setup!

    High dollar vacuum station (thx to Walmart shopvac + one of those remote-outlet on/off switches). The goal was to have 2 kids be able to work together to vacuum the truck. Mission accomplished -- I could go to sleep each night listening to their little voices: "On! Wait, Off! Ok, ON! ok...
  3. AC problem on f150 2022 powerboost

    I took my 22 PB to the dealer with this problem, along with the TSB and some good quotes from you guys. Bad news: "this TSB doesn't apply to your VIN" (front office). More bad news (front office): "you have a leak in your evap core." Good News (from the tech, when I was like, "what leak?!") ...
  4. PPOB Test with 2023 E-Pro Trailer

    Thanks a lot for this lap data @Cobraman428 . Helps make it tangible how the night will actually happen when we finally use the truck to power my trailer's A/C (it's why I bought the PB in 2021, but still haven't technically used this way). I would be very interested in the same #'s (minutes...
  5. 2kW Pro Power came through for 14 hours of backup power during home power loss

    @labjr1 Did it really runs just 2-3 minutes when topping up the battery? When I sit in my PB to do calls / emails, it seems to run a minimum of 9-11 minutes (and that's with "Eco idle" which theoretically runs higher RPMs to minimize run time).
  6. Max Recline Seats (why?)

    I agree with powered base and manual recline being the perfect set-up (I had in my '13 tahoe). There's too many times when I need full recline quickly (usually to grab something at a stop light).
  7. Ceramic Coat + IGL Frame Coating (hydrophobic clear gloss sealant)

    Looks great. I sprayed everything underneath with the sheep oil (forgot the name) before a winter trip to Colorado, and $400 is a really really good deal-- and looks like they did a great job.
  8. 275/65/18 to 275/70/18 upgrade inside

    On other forums, the consensus was that it's the aggressive tread and not the rotational inertia (from the greater mass) that impacts mileage-- at least from several old guys who'd been around a while. So that's what convinced me to go w/ the Falkens over Toyos. I was really close. We really...
  9. 275/65/18 to 275/70/18 upgrade inside

    Good luck. Let us know when you decide what you do. A friend just put BFG KO2's on his F150 (apparently there's a good deal at costco).
  10. 275/65/18 to 275/70/18 upgrade inside

    Ended up going with the Falken Wildpeak AT4 (despite what the website said in January, the AT4's *are* available in 275/70r18. I spoke with the manufacturer and the AT4's are the successor and 'better in every respect' than the AT3's ). Here's what I put in notes column in the attachment...
  11. Lag then Quick Acceleration from electric to gas?

    So I haven't taken time to read all 6 pages, but came here to report the same complaint. This lag contributed to a fender-bender yesterday (!). I was stopped at the light on a HWY feeder road, and a guy in an suv was to my left in the U-turn only lane, which was backed-up, so he was also...
  12. Android Streaming boxes - MMB, Magic Box, Carlinkit, etc

    Free stuff: I'm not longer using this MMB (replaced with carlinkit). It still works fine-- updated and has Disney Plus-- it just doesn't consistently give you full 12" screen (it does sometimes). Let me know if someone would use it, and I'll mail it to you for the cost of postage. Otherwise...
  13. Skipping 2nd gear even in Sport mode

    Could not have said it better.
  14. For those with Front Bench - Lariat's etc. Cupholders!

    Ok, finally done. "Say the front bench is hurting for cupholders without saying the front bench is hurting for cupholders" (pic)
  15. Android Streaming boxes - MMB, Magic Box, Carlinkit, etc

    Thanks for starting the thread. I know after the investment in Navicks, there's really no going back, but just FWIW, after purchasing 5 or 6 of these boxes and trying them, the Carlinkit (the one everyone has been posting about lately) is working without a hitch for the past 3 weeks. (I guess...
  16. Android Streaming boxes - MMB, Magic Box, Carlinkit, etc

    Sorry I don't have a useful answer, but just to avoid frustration, you may have to manage your expectations with these boxes. When I saw your post, I remembered that mine won't display any other locality besides Schenzen, China, so if you get 5 minutes of correct time, you may be ahead of the pack.
  17. For those with Front Bench - Lariat's etc. Cupholders!

    Alright I installed the bulletpoint mount in order to get some #$%^ cupholders in my 6-passenger F150. I've never done anything like this before (my driving is not Go-Pro worthy, and I have enough clutter in my truck that I like having a clean looking dash), BUT, if it's worth a couple of...
  18. No Rear AC vents with a front bench, WTFord

    @ryman I had the same beef. This doesn't completely fix it, but after tinting with the premium UV-blocking film on the back windows and rear glass, there are fewer complaints from back-seat land.
  19. For those with Front Bench - Lariat's etc. Cupholders!

    Update, I bought the bulletpoint kit and a cupholder with a compatible ball mount to try this solution, but was hoping someone had figured out something else before drilling / trying it this weekend. Any others who carry three upfront invented a solution? ... the f150forum guys are trying .