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  1. Powerboost CEL P237C/Exhaust Heat Exchanger Leak Megathread

    Well, after owning my 23 XTL PB for 14 mohts, I finally join this heat exchanger issue group LOL, I had two CELs with P2C22 code and my truck had to be in dealership 3 days each time. They just delivered my truck back to me after replacing a exhaust inlet pipe this time. CEL only stayed couple...
  2. Rokblokz install help

    Mine is 23 XLT 302a and I have the same felt liner in the front. I installed my Rokblokz mud flaps without any issues about a year ago. So are you saying, you don't have a screw in the same spot showing in the picture below? This is from their installation video, and the below is picture I...
  3. Thank you Ford!

    Well done Ford!
  4. Is it safe and prudent to drive 1400 miles with a new truck.

    I did that about a year ago when I picked up my 23 PB at Granger then drove it back home in NJ. It was about 1,150 miles. Mine has been fine with no issues other than a bad turbo from the factory which was replaced under warranty.
  5. Overthinking Powerboost GVWR but I was asked to ask

    FYI, I have a 23 PB XLT SC with 5’5 bed 302a,, FX4, trailer tow(not Max tow), 360 camera, sport appearance pkg, tailgate step & 7.2kW PPO and I’m at 1614.
  6. Payload comparison

    #1614 2023 XLT SC PB 4x4 5.5
  7. Dealerships or is it just mine...

    my shitty local Ford dealer didn't even want to give me a loaner when they had my less than a month old truck to replace a bad turbo for 14 days. I even had a ford customer rep on the phone and she told them Ford will cover for the rental but they still denied the rental. I didn't purchase FORD...
  8. Powerboost not turning engine off on idle

    I noticed my engine runs longer to charge recently but nowhere close to 20 minutes. On weekdays, I don't drive much and even after a short 1-2 mile drives, the engines runs 3-5 minutes or little longer to charge the battery. I thought it was kinda funny to run the engine for 5-7 minutes to...
  9. Just Joined the No Start Victim's Club

    I give it a gas to wake up the engine and to charge the battery at the end of each drive. Sometimes it takes few seconds and sometimes it takes few minutes even after less than 1 mile drive but it never failed to start on me. Mine is 23 XLT with almost 9k miles.
  10. Bought ‘23 Platinum PB with no sunroof

    I never opened a sunroof in my previous vehicles and I wanted to install a roof rack on my F150. So I ordered my 23 XLT PB without sunroof. We also have a 22 Tesla model 3 which has a glass roof and we hate it as it gets too hot in summer times. The cabin overheat protection kicks in so often...
  11. Charging battery takes longer(?)

    Three messages I've seen in the Power Flow screen are: - battery charging - due to driving power - engine cold (only in winter time) I will have to drive about 60miles tomorrow on highway then I will check. Thanks
  12. Charging battery takes longer(?)

    Wouldn't it be saying "Engine cold" if the temp is a factor of ICE running at stop? I've seen that message when it was cold earlier this year. This time, it says "battery charging" for the entire amount time until ICE shuts off.
  13. Charging battery takes longer(?)

    Thank you! I meant charging the hybrid battery and I will try some longer distance over the weekend to see if that makes any changes. From Tuesday to Friday, I only drive about 2-3 miles per day and it even took almost 5 minutes after driving less than a mile with no a/c or heat on.
  14. 2021-2023 F150 suspect wiring harness chafe to rear axle

    Well I never experienced that kind of experience from any dealerships in NJ & NY lol. My best experience was bring my car in then pick up a loaner(about 10 minutes stay at a dealership) then go back whenever the service is over with Lexus & One of Audis. Honda & two Audi dealerships around me...
  15. 2021-2023 F150 suspect wiring harness chafe to rear axle

    Thank guys for you input. I will check under my truck near the rear axle before I call more dealers.
  16. Charging battery takes longer(?)

    I want to ask how long your truck takes to charge its battery after a drive. I know it could be different how much I've been driving on Electric only mode but I recently noticed my truck takes longer time to charge than before. I do a lot of short drives(2-3miles) during week days to drop off &...
  17. 2021-2023 F150 suspect wiring harness chafe to rear axle

    Today, I noticed there is a recall issued for my VIN at https://www.ford.com/support/recalls/ and I wonder if anybody received the same recall notice and fixed the issue. I just want to know how long the fix will take as my local dealers won't provide me a loaner for this. I'm in North NJ and...
  18. 2021 PB Turbo issue?

    Share your video with the service advisor and ask him/her to share it with a tech. That's what I did to prove my turbo was bad from the factory and even a tech could hear it not normal when my service advisor kept telling me it was normal hybrid sound. Mine was making more obvious flapping like...
  19. Replacement air filter

    I changed mine to AEM 28-20385 back in March(I have 23 XLT PB). Honestly, I haven't noticed any sound changes compared to the OEM filter. It also has to do with warm weather but mine's MPG has been improved to about 23-26MPG overall. I even often hit 27-29 in 15-20 mile drives which surprised me...