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  1. Attempted Ford Pass Hack

    I use “FMCSorryAboutYourTruckPleaseSendMeAPmAndIllDoNothing@Always”. Yet to be hacked or helped.
  2. Dealership Aftermarket Team Out Their Damned Minds

    Based on that quote, they weren’t planning on using any.
  3. Rear Camera 2.8.3

    Glare free headlights were included as part of the ‘21 builds for Lariat modes and up. However, they were only activated on Canadian builds. Through Forscan, I added the feature to my truck. They are like auto-dimming headlights except they only dim the areas of other vehicles and keep your...
  4. Powering my RV with the PowerBoost 7.2K Pro Power Onboard Generator

    Double honk can easily be disabled in Forscan in about 3 minutes. Highly recommend.
  5. 2021 F150 Powerboost "Coolant overheating" error

    I’ve never experienced this with my 2021 PowerBoost but I can recommend using Forscan to change the gauges to the digital temp readout. This may give you more insight/warning.
  6. Rear Camera 2.8.3

    I had made the ForScan changes to get cameras at speed, double honk removal, glare free headlights, and digital gauges a long time ago. I recently got the OTA update to 2.8.3. Everything is working correctly and I did not revert my changes before the OTA came through but had no problems once the...
  7. Electrical fault with Injectors 1 & 3

    I was just giving the Ford account a hard time. It sends a message like that for some complaints and may or may not open a case number for you and that’s it. Same thing you could do on your own if you call Ford support. I haven’t run into this problem but probably worth pulling any DTCs...
  8. Electrical fault with Injectors 1 & 3

    Hi there. This concern doesn’t sound like something we want you to experience with your F-150. Could you please send @Ford Motor Company a PM with your VIN and the name and location of your Ford dealer? That bot would be happy to look into how it can assist you on its end.
  9. What do you call your truck?

    My truck
  10. Need Help! OTA 2.81 Will not apply

    Not sure if you can find answers from higher powers than Jesse… Godspeed.
  11. Ford is a joke right now

    And shockingly Ford Customer Service was useless. Told me they couldn’t reach the service department but it was probably a capacity issue and I could call around for other dealers. So again, I’m left jumping through hoops to have them fix safety issues on a truck they manufactured. Reaching out...
  12. Ford is a joke right now

    Talking to Ford Corporate now, but just insane the hoops that we have to jump through to get them to support a $70k truck. Wouldn’t update my PCM last time despite a TSB and now this shit.
  13. Ford is a joke right now

    So I just called my local dealership to schedule the Drive Shaft recall and the TRM as well as try to get updated to Blue Cruise and was told the earliest date for any recall work is Sept 28th. In no way can that be acceptable and I will now have to research if legal under NHTSA rules. What a...
  14. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Well might have to pull the trigger. That’s a lot of updates that aren’t happening on their own. Thank you.
  15. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I have a Lariat with 360 and Blue Cruise. Still waiting on that end. I’m at 21281 rev 244. Anyone able to see if I have any updates available? Weighing whether I’m going to spring for the whole kit (Mongoose, license and battery maintainer). I also am trying to figure out if I want to roll...
  16. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    For those Who were fortunate to get past 1.7.1 via OTA, should we revert our Forscan changes before anything else gets updated via OTA? I have anti-glare headlights, double honk disabled and cameras in motion via ForScan but don’t want any of that to mess up the updates supposedly coming via OTA.
  17. Final Steps to Bluecruise email

    The balls on Ford to use the term early access in that email for a function we were promised in Q3 last year that all job 2 trucks have had from the moment they drove off the lot…
  18. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    Correct. No indication that ‘21s won’t be able to add the mod. But starting with job 2 ‘22s US builds won’t be able to is my understanding.
  19. Adaptive Head Lights - Coming to the US???

    Looks like some of us with a US ‘21 build who have done the mod will be in a small exclusive club with glare free. I’d be a little upset as they continue to remove features and up prices but I guess that’s everywhere these days. But as it applies to glare free that’s just a bummer for others...
  20. Recall #21S56 - Loose / Sagging Underbody Insulators (Driveshaft Fracture Hazard)

    My dealer said rivets are on back order. Hopefully within 30 days and I should just keep checking my truck until then. And they quoted me $140 to update my PCM even though there is a TSB that applies to my truck to have them update it. What a joke! Told me I have to call Ford corporate to get...