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  1. ***New “TSB 24-2093” via FDRS, for ‘A/C not blowing issue’ for 2021-2023’s (excluding PB & Lightning)***

    Great to see this! I had this happen just once last summer. I'll make a note to mention this the next time I'm at the dealer.
  2. 2024 F150s are sitting on lots across Metro Detroit, Whats the Issue?

    This local news video popped up in my YouTube feed this morning. Thousands of 24s sitting.
  3. Iconic Silver OR Carbonized Grey XL?

    I've had three silver trucks, 2003, 2011 and now 2023. The Iconic Silver hands down is my favorite silver of them all. It's just 'richer' looking and a bit darker than the previous trucks. The metallic just pops in the sun and always looks good!
  4. Rain sensing wipers - giving up.

    Tried them on one rainy day. At first "oh this is cool!" then seeing how inconsistent they were and having to keep messing with the setting, it got annoying. Have not used them since and don't plan on it.
  5. Enclosed Car Hauler recommendations with 21 F150 3.5 eco

    Awesome! Nice looking Grand National!! Did you use air bags with the 24' trailers? Or just on the 23 truck because of the level kit and larger trailer? My truck is 100% stock and will stay that way. What WDH have you had good luck with? I'm 95% sure I'm getting a 24' enclosed trailer this...
  6. Amsoil 5-30 3.5 Ecoboost

    I never understood the obsession with oil in the age we live in now. The most important thing is just change it regularly. How many engine failures are documented because the owner used Walmart oil instead of some high priced synthetic?
  7. Enclosed Car Hauler recommendations with 21 F150 3.5 eco

    Agree the scales is the only way to really know. I’m curious how much a dialed-in WDH setup distributes the weight. Some to the front axle and some to the trailer as well. I did re-read Ford’s towing guide. If I’m interpreting it correctly, their payload rating assumes a 150lb driver. So you...
  8. I guess Ford chat is useless....

    None of this is new. You'll drive yourself nuts trying to figure out the logic behind it. Yes, you can track a $20 amazon package down to a small time window and how many stops away etc. But an expensive truck from Ford, it's anyone's guess. Here's some light reading on what many of us went...
  9. Enclosed Car Hauler recommendations with 21 F150 3.5 eco

    Nice! I sometimes haul my buddies ATV, but it's smaller than a golf cart. I really think 24' is the way to go over a 20' or 22'. It's really not that much heavier. I'm thinking no lower cabinets, just uppers to give me plenty of room in front of the car for stuff. My s550 is not a small car...
  10. Enclosed Car Hauler recommendations with 21 F150 3.5 eco

    Following along as I’m debating the same exact situation. 23 Supercrew Lariat, 3.5, max tow. Currently towing my mustang with a 20’ open trailer and wanting to move up to a 24’ enclosed. I’ve done the math and would have ~8500lbs of trailer weight fully loaded. With a nice WDH setup, I’m hopeful...
  11. Changed behavior on startup - OTA related?

    I had the settings screen on startup behavior after my OTA update last week. Lasted a day or two, but now doesn’t seem to do it anymore. Agree the descriptions are pointless. They probably don’t want us to know the dumb stuff they are fixing. :D
  12. First tow and my auto leveling lights were blinding

    Bummer. A simple phillips screwdriver to manually adjust the lights down is a temp fix. But totally understand one should not have to do that on a truck that costs this much. Best of luck with whatever you get next. I don't tow this time of year, so haven't revisited it yet.
  13. Program 23B24

    My dealer sent a mobile tech out to my house on Monday do the parking brake wiring harness recall / inspection. While the tech was here, he also looked at the tailgate step grab handle per the notice. There is a number stamping on a bracket that holds the handle. He did not say what number or...
  14. ⚠️ Recall: Electronic Parking Brake Unintended Activation -- affects 870K F-150 (from 2021-23 model years w/ single exhaust system)

    My local Ford dealer called me a few days ago for a mobile appointment and are sending a tech to my house on Monday to inspect my truck! They will perform the recall if deemed necessary. Hope the tech doesn’t mind all the Fluid Film I sprayed under there for the winter! Interesting they...
  15. First tow and my auto leveling lights were blinding

    I still have not gone back to Ford for my blinding lights while towing. I won‘t tow my setup until spring next year, but hopefully will get the truck in over the holidays. I do not have that recall mentioned above under my VIN# either. Although I do have this new tailgate step handle customer...
  16. False alarm with trailer

    Had this exact thing happen when towing my car trailer two weeks ago. Stopped at a gas station and when returning to the truck the alarm went off as I approached. I’m assuming some software bug with the ‘welcome lighting’ that I have enabled. I’ve towed a bunch and it’s only happened the one...
  17. First tow and my auto leveling lights were blinding

    Towed my setup over the weekend to a car race event. The last few hours of driving were at night and my headlights were still pointed at the moon. :( UGH…. Back to Ford it goes I guess.
  18. Trading a 12th gen for a 14th gen worth it?

    I went from a 2011 FX4 5.0 with just 80k on it to a 2023 Lariat Ecoboost back in February this year. I absolutely loved the 2011. My youngest daughter cried when I sold it and was mad at me for days. LOL I did have lots of small issues with the 2011 that were starting to wear on me a bit...