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  1. F150 Orders Placed in Feb 2022

    I was SQ build also before canceling last week. Azure Gray looks like it might be similar but will not order anything until I see it, preferably in person.
  2. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    You summed up many of my grievances with Ford in this process, plus not even having been scheduled this entire time . The mechanical and electronic problems reported by some have also been quite a pause for consideration. I need a reliable vehicle above all and my 21 has been problem free...
  3. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Cancelled my 2/1/22 order today. You can remove or amend if you want.
  4. MY 2022 Are we done now?

    Was talking about scheduling, not building them. Doesn’t matter to me anymore, canceled my order this morning. Good luck all.
  5. MY 2022 Are we done now?

    Didn’t notice anyone mentioning getting scheduled today?
  6. MY 2022 Are we done now?

    I guess I found out my answer here. Looks like 8/1 week i guess?
  7. MY 2022 Are we done now?

    I think I understand what you’re saying here, but, scheduling for production dates are running right up near to October now.
  8. MY 2022 Are we done now?

    So, not seeing any official build notifications this week. Not seeing many folks getting bui notifications, the few posting seem very random as far as the timing, like tieing up loose ends. Wondering if it’s officially time to call it a MY. Anyone know anything?
  9. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    Well, was that it for 2022MY? No email here, haven’t seen anyone posting about being scheduled and no official build week announced by the Mod. Guess I’ll enjoy this 2021 for a couple of years and hope things are better then.
  10. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    No 2023 for me either. 2022 or bust.
  11. ⏰ F-150 Scheduling Next Week (7/18) For Build Weeks 9/5 and 9/12

    Still nada here as well Pizza. If 22 is a no go, planning on keeping my 21 at least another year, 23 paint options don’t work for me.
  12. Road Noise

    It’s the tire tread design foremost. Increased size in your case also impacts it a small amount. I’ve had many different brands and sizes. Fwiw, I’m back to stock sizes and street friendly tires because I spend a fair amount of time on the highway.
  13. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    Congrats on the news! I’m right behind you with a 2/22 order date, hope i can ride your coat tails to getting a VIN!
  14. F150 Orders Placed in Feb 2022

    King Ranch ordered 2/1/22. Confirmation 2/2. Nothing further so far.
  15. Finally!! a dealer fix for OTA Power-Up 1.7.1 -- TSB 22-2117

    So I went to the dealership today to get the TSB accomplished and get my OTA functionality back. Service advisor said they had just received word from Ford to discontinue accomplishing TSB 22-2117. He said they were encountering issues and to stand by for further direction. Anyone else hearing...
  16. Cold Starting Ticking Noise

    You may want to search ecoboost 3.5 engine ticking if you haven’t already, I think you may find a lot of information. Cam phasers if I recall correctly.
  17. Making changes to my order??

    Made a change to my order last week, no VIN issed yet, no increase in price.
  18. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    Haha! Didn’t notice that, yeah hopefully that’s not a supply chain problem there! ? “EDIT” buld and price glitch - here’s a better picture.
  19. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    So good to have you guys to ke the motivation going during this process! After lots of careful thought, made a slight change to my order. Honestly the only one I’ll make, everything else is just how I want it.
  20. King Ranch on order, being built, built?

    Ordered 2/1, confirmed 2/2. 2022 KR 601a 4x4 Powerboost Smoked Quartz two tone