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  1. Ford - undo whatever you did in that last update.

    Mine has been exhibiting some rough shifting as well since the last update. Guess I'll clear the tables and go through a re-learn sequence. Again.... :cautious:
  2. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    Thank you for this. I had this enabled on my 20 Ranger and have missed having it on the PB.
  3. Musty/mold smell after carwash/rain

    Why did you have to say that.... :crying: Maybe I can find a material that will allow air to pass but is hydrophobic. I can design and 3d print a frame to what will click to the vent so the water won't be able to come in contact with the panel.
  4. Musty/mold smell after carwash/rain

    Yes sir. Pulled the back panel cover out and double checked everything to find this. The carpet itself is dry and has almost no smell. The panel directly in front of the vent sticks to high hell. The rear panel cover must have been touching the vent or was close enough for water to wick across...
  5. Musty/mold smell after carwash/rain

    Well update. It's only PARTIALLY the jute liner on the back of the cab. The driver's side cab vent is the source of the leak. I ran a bunch of water across the back and waited a few hours letting it bake. Checked it again and strong mildew smell coming from the carpet directly under the cab...
  6. Poll: Powerboost Fuel Efficiency

    Average over the past 5K miles is 24.8 on an FX4 with a 2.5" front level.
  7. Musty/mold smell after carwash/rain

    So between Thursday and Saturday we got 7.7 inches of rain and no smell... Then this morning we got .25" of rain and now it's got the smell again. Pulled the truck into the garage and removed the rear seats, and inspected every inch of carpeting... Absolutely dry... Then I got distracted by...
  8. No more battery problems.

    I remember seeing a Youtube video from a Ford tech about the BMS on the 14th gen and how it will cause the truck to start doing funky things at/around the 3 year mark. Something to do with the age of the battery and some jackass engineer thinking they know better has programmed it so it starts...
  9. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    I have a 22 PB and only have 13K on it. The only issue it's been to the dealer for was for a heat exchanger coolant leak. Otherwise it's not had any mechanical issues. It was also on chip hold and sat waiting for parts for 8 months before it was delivered to the dealer. If Ford doesn't update...
  10. Musty/mold smell after carwash/rain

    Well all 4 door drains are clear. No indication the rear slider is leaking and was one of the first things I checked. What's messed up is it stopped producing the odor. But then it did pour close to 3" of rain on it today and has been baking in the sun all afternoon so I may as well go see if...
  11. 2021 Powerboost erratic shifting when highway towing

    When you had the aux pump replaced do you know if the dealer reset the transmission adaptive tables? If they or no other dealer has then this could be the issue. Part of the adaptive tables is how the transmission learns the correct pressures needed to prevent slippage at various speeds...
  12. Speakers-best bang for the buck

    Cool, thanks. So it's really only useful if you have a sub then.
  13. Fuel Door

    Just don't forget to put it in park first before pushing the button. Don't ask why I mention this... :cautious:
  14. Is slight shaking / shuddering normal when the gas engine starts from a stop?

    How many miles were on it when you got it? If more than say 100 then use forscan and reset/clear the adaptive transmission tables. Once cleared put it in Sport or Tow mode and drive it calmly avoiding hard acceleration on surface streets for a good 30 or so miles before getting up on the...
  15. Swapping in 3.55 or 3.31 Gears into a 4WD

    Have a buddy drive next to you at speed and have him take a pic of the airdam to see if it extended. If you don't have someone to do that, put painters tape on the lower section if the air dam pointing upwards so it is also stuck to the top portion. Go for a drive at speed then take a look to...

    Found the source of the noise and fixed it... It's the large inner door seal attached to the cab near the top of the upper B-pillar. It moves just a tiny as the truck flexes while driving. About 3-4" down from the top back corner the seal shifts slightly as you pull on the weather stripping and...

    Mine has this exact same issue. It started up over the winter. If I press on the door frame right at ear level it will stop (temporarily). Between the weather strip noise and the seat belt height adjuster thunking, it's driving me nuts. How did you adjust the door striker? I tried this on mine...
  18. Musty/mold smell after carwash/rain

    Thanks for the info. I'll check this out to make sure but I don't suspect this will be the cause. There has not been any detectable coolant loss, or associated smell in the engine bay. As of now it seems to be related to external moisture like that from rain or a car wash etc.