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  1. Why your insurance rates are high

    Trailer Tail Lamp probably broke off because it bottomed out on something already…
  2. This is not the greatest antenna in the world, no. This is just a tribute!

    Keeping my Untenna in anticipation of this being stolen. BuiltRight Nerf Antenna
  3. Who was running late for work in Hialeah?

    Hopefully it was a medical emergency? Only reason to be driving that aggressively, even then, shoulder pass was pretty careless.
  4. Ohio Sold: 2022 Black Sport/FX4 Running Boards

    10.5k miles on them, I haven’t cleaned them up, but I’m sure they’ll clean up real nice for something you’ll step on anyway. Asking $100, willing to ship, but that will definitely factor into the cost.
  5. 22 5.0 Fuel Leak 10k miles - Monday just slappin’

    First, want to thank all the folks here who contribute to the forum, I’m sure I would have figured it out and been safe, but I recall reading about someone else encountering a similar issue. Remote started my truck this morning like I usually do, thankfully I was already outside and didn’t have...
  6. Rocker Panel Protection Tufskinz Alternative

    4” wide by 15 ft long 3M Safety-Walk I was able to get it from Amazon for $15, I think 5 ft would be enough for a crew cab, but couldn’t find any length shorter than 15 ft. Tools needed: Very sharp scissors, your kids craft scissors will struggle and/or die trying to cut this Small roller...
  7. First Oil Change Fun Game

    Spot what is wrong with this picture and the only hit I’ll give is that it has nothing to do with oil spec
  8. New Accessories From Ford For F-150?

    If you were hoping this was a post sharing new accessories from Ford for our F-150s, I'm sorry to disappoint. My question is, does anyone know a good way to find out when new accessories, performance or otherwise become available for our F-150s? I can't find any good information and combing the...
  9. Lomax Tri-Fold Black Urethane 6.5’ Tonneau

    Pictures: It's been almost a month, so I thought I’d offer my opinion of my second ever tonneau cover. My first was a Bak Revolver X4 on my 2015 F150. I won’t be comparing the two, but can elaborate on differences if folks would like. Installation wasn't too bad (1 hour), I managed to bend...
  10. Carfax, Insurance, and DashCams

    This thread is going to have a bit of a mashup of stories and information. Hoping for some advice and previous experience sharing. Let’s start 3 weeks ago. My wife takes her Tesla Model X to get a pedicure. While inside someone does a hit and run on her vehicle. Not a huge dent in the passenger...
  11. Who has been re-scheduled the most?

    Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays are now days when e-mails from Ford are generally no bueno. This is now the 8th build week I’ve received, 7th “re-schedule”. I remember just hoping I would be Job #1. Now I’m starting to worry I won’t even be MY 22.
  12. Inaugural 2022 Job #2 Build Week of 04/18/22

    My optimism is higher, since I have been moved from 4/18, to 4/25, back to 4/18, but for those joining me this week!
  13. Another Chip Shortage Affecting Production

    https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2022/02/04/chip-shortage-forces-ford-to-cut-production-of-f-150-bronco-suv.html Article doesn’t mention it affecting Lightning orders, but it does affect Mach-Es, so I’d wager it will.
  14. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    Did you crack a little grin when you got that e-mail?