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  1. Word of Advice...

    That happened to me backing up a small garden trailer and it scared the crap out of me since I thought I backed into something. I didn't know what happened until I tried backing it up again and realized it was the backup sensor locking up the brakes. It wouldn't have been as bad but I was...
  2. Drive mode selection changed between years

    Counterclockwise for my '22 too. I wish there was a button on the steering wheel that would put it in Sport mode with just one touch instead of the dial since I use it every time I drive.
  3. MF%$&*(%#@%*! Squirrels

    Over the winter, squirrels chewed the sh!t out of my smoker cover and all of the cushions on my porch sofa and chairs. Since I live in the suburbs with houses nearby, I first tried my Gamo pellet rifle, which was effective but too loud now that it's warmed up and people are out walking their...
  4. How to stop jelly beans from getting in this vent?

    Just found my next mod. 👍
  5. Christmas Miracle - First OTA update after 2.5 years. Help me understand what's happening...

    Maybe Ford figured something out because I received my first OTA on Thursday after not receiving one since 9/15/22. I went from 3.5.4 to 4.2.1 so I'm far from updated but it's nice to finally get some love.
  6. 2022 5.0 Oil Pan Failure

    Totally agree @CowboyUP2022! Plus, if you want to do a Blackstone oil analysis, it couldn't be any easier using a Fumoto or other oil drain valve.
  7. Indiana New 2021 2022 2023 F150 Black Appearance Grille F-150

    Probably an oversight on your part, but the grille you are selling is not the same one as shown on the truck picture. Yours is a Ford Performance grille which is basically a gloss black Lariat grille, while the one shown on the truck is a BAP (Black Appearance Package) grille. I would suggest...
  8. 2022 5.0 Oil Pan Failure

    I had my dealer install a Fumoto valve at my first oil change so now might be a good time to add one. It sure makes changing your own oil mess free.
  9. Removed Active Air Dam From my F-150 - DIY Writeup

    Update: By doing this, it still throws a soft code. I found out when I took it to the dealership to get inspected and the soft code was present and they were unable to clear it.
  10. Waterfowler41 Raptor Build Thread!

    Do you know if these would fit a 2022 F-150 non-Raptor? I think they would but not 100%. Maybe I will contact the company.
  11. First Oil Change Mileage?

    I put about 2,500 miles on my 5.0 every year so I change the oil and the filter annually.
  12. DRL repairable?

    I wonder if these 2021-23 DRL failures are part of the reason the 2024's have the new segmented DRLs?
  13. I set a bunch of new records..

    Those Powerboosts are no slouch, even more so with a little tuning. I'm sure with some more seat time you will get your RT's down which will help your numbers all the way down the track.
  14. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Man! I have been thinking about going with the blue/bronze theme like you on my Atlas Blue but wasn't sure what it would look like. That looks awesome!
  15. Texas WTB - Tremor Running Boards

    Where in PA?

    If it were me I would just try to find an OEM BAP tail on Ebay or FB Marketplace. It might be hard to find just one and not a pair though. Contact @BarryT82 on here. He might be able to help you out. As for warranty, I'm not sure how that would work on the replacement, but couldn't you just...
  17. Just OffSet. Any problems

    That's exactly what I'm looking for, however you are running 295 Ridge Grapplers while I'm running 275 Recons so I will end up with less poke. Looks like yours are .8" wider overall so .4" wider on each side. So if you have .75" poke, I would have .35" poke. I think I would like more than that...
  18. Just OffSet. Any problems

    Do you have any pictures down the side of your truck to show how much poke with the +20 offset? I'm looking into replacing my stock wheels soon and want just a little bit of poke but don't want to run spacers.
  19. Texas WTB - Tremor Running Boards

    Good deal. Hope you get them. I'm also looking for some in the Northeast.
  20. 2024 F-150 XL RCSB pic

    Someone on here posted this wrap from Amazon was almost an exact match to Antimatter Blue. 3M 2080 GP272 Gloss Midnight Blue (5ft x 1ft W/Application Card) Vinyl Wrap Film Sheet with Air-Release for Cars, Trucks & More (5sq ft Roll) https://a.co/d/0ay9Fl5