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  1. FYI: Ford Discontinuing the Ford Assistant Facebook Messenger Feature

    I got this message from the Ford Assistant Facebook Messenger: I assume Ford is doing some cost cutting. Shame to see another feature go. I didn't used it all the time but did use it from time to time. It was nice to be able to check some things on a whim when I was perusing Facebook...
  2. 2023 Super Duty has Digital Temperature Gauge Option on Instrument Cluster

    I was watching a TFLoffroad video today and saw that the F-250 digital cluster has the option to select the digital readouts for the temperature gauges. Must be nice... must be nice... I'm aware we can do it through forscan (I haven't touched forscan), but it would be nice for it to be an...
  3. Differential/Rear Axle Leak? Anyone else? Thoughts?

    Looks to be a leak at the differential/rear axle. But… I don’t see any indication of drips. Any thoughts? Haven’t taken it to the dealer yet. I saw it a few months back and then forgot about it.
  4. Trailer Miles Under Trailer Menu Not Working

    I've noticed my truck isn't calculating the trailer mileage under the towing menu. Is anyone else have this issue? It worked just for a bit when I was pulling the pop-up trailer, then it stopped working. Hasn't recorded anything since I've upgraded to a 22 ft travel trailer.
  5. 4 Hour Round Trip Camper Towing with the 5.0

    I'll start with the back story. I ordered this specific truck to upgrade the pop-up trailer I had to a small hard side travel trailer. We are a family of 4 and sometimes take the mother-in-law. Ordered the truck in July and it arrived in October 2021. Bought my 22ft 3200 lbs dry 2022 Coleman...
  6. Mud Flap Recommendations

    Anyone have any mud flap recommendations? Likes or dislikes about the ones you have. I don't care for them but want to keep rocks from being flung on the front of my camper.
  7. Top 5 Feature Likes and Dislikes (Post them here!)

    I figured this would be a good place to discuss likes and dislikes since many of us are receiving our trucks now and others frequent the forum looking for information. Give a little info on your setup, you make dislike a feature on your Limited that I don't have on my Lariat. I know some of...
  8. This is insane! XL STX 2.7 4x2 $14,000 Markup

    This is pretty wild, even for California (At first I thought it was Canadian pricing, no offense to the Canadians on this forum). I understand a $5,000 markup to cover the cost of low inventory. But who in the world is paying a $14,000 markup for a base XL pickup? I'm not saying there's...
  9. 2021 Ford Raptor - Trent Palmer's Review Video

    I thought some of you might like this review of a guy that actually off roads his Raptor. ‘21 Ford Raptor - Dealership direct to the dirt - Honest Review - YouTube
  10. How We Ran Out of New Cars

    Love this channel!
  11. Scheduling Notes

    Scheduling Notes - New York Region (May Apply to Other Regions) On Thursday, August 12, Bronco Sport, Edge, Escape, Mach E, Mustang, Transit Connect Wagon and Transit Connect Van will not be selected for scheduling. Unscheduled Retail Order Confirmation – Please ensure that all retail orders...
  12. 4x2 Club (2021+ F-150) ?

    We are the few, the proud, the 4x2 club. Feel free to show off photos and tell your story of why you purchased a 4x2. Doesn't matter if it's lowered or normal. I'll go first, even though mines on order (So I don't have any photos yet). I've been driving since 1996 and have only owned 1 4x4...
  13. What other cars/trucks have you owned?

    It's always interesting to see what other cars/trucks have owned over the years. You can just list them or list and give descriptions. I'll go first. 1. 1980 Chevrolet Work Truck - 1996-1997 - Inline 6, 3 on the tree, no A/C, no radio (installed one), no power steering, long bed, manual long...
  14. What color is your Lariat interior?

    !!POLE IS ABOVE!! I'm having a hard time deciding and have until tomorrow. I'm probably going with the Medium Dark Slate since it's a little lighter in color. I like the Black but not a fan of it in the middle of the summer. I'm just wondering of others thoughts and reasoning, there are no...
  15. Payload Dealer Calculation Possible ??

    Since Ford took the payload calculator off the fleet website, does anyone know if a dealer can calculate the actual payload based on order configuration? I'd like to see some based on different package configurations and compare them. It would be super nice if they could place this information...
  16. What's your payload? 2.7 Lariat

    I'm really wanting to stay with the 2.7 and wanting to get a small travel trailer around 5000 lbs. I wouldn't be too concerned if the advertised payload was close to the actual, but it seems to be all over the place. I'm looking at a Lariot 400a 4x2 and want to see if anyone has any real world...
  17. 6400# GVWR Package

    With anyone with a 2.7 V6 4x2 that has the 6400# GVWR package listed on your sticker, I'm wondering what your payload is on the door. What options did you go with? I'm sure sunroof and many other options subtract from payload. I'm aware Ford picks the frame thickness based on the GVWR package.
  18. Lariat 40/20/40 Leather Seat Comparison

    Has anyone sat in the 40/20/40 seats in the Lariat and compared it to the bucket seats? Are they just as comfortable? I plan on ordering the Lariat with the 40/20/40 option, I like the lockable storage option underneath the middle seat.