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  1. 315/70r17 Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires + 2.5" Level Kit

    Truck looks great but be extremely weary with those RidgeGrapplers as I went through two separate sets of RidgeGrapplers only to realize that it wasn't just the first set at 13k miles were bad but exact same thing on my second set too, horrible tires. These tires have siping that was an after...
  2. What is your experience with Blue Cruise?

    And in today’s world it’s a waiting game as to when it happens, where will you be, on the road or parked on your driveway? I believe Ford uses satellites for data transmissions which in the event of when it happens will fry your computer or control a vehicle’s guidance system which is part of...
  3. What is your experience with Blue Cruise?

    Ever see the movie “Leave The World Behind”? Automated self driving vehicles are prone to cyber attack
  4. Worst Oil Thread Ever - The BakeOff

    First of all, Amsoil is king, 2nd to none and along with their oil filters. As for price when you’re a member $16 per year, the quarts and filter are significantly cheaper. I’ve been a member for many years. Often they run member specials on other items as well. I run Amsoil Signature Series on...
  5. For everyone waiting on their 2024 I present you the Tremor in AMB (Richmond Auto Show)

    You’ll be fine as long as you stay away from steep climbs and descents. A lift kit can help out with that too 😉
  6. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    I ordered a Raptor R back in July 2023, put down $10K and next day I went back to dealership and asked why is there a $30K increase in price after we agreed at $110K and they responded with “Don’t worry that’s just an estimated market value price but should drop back down once it shows up at the...
  7. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    This is the main reason I ALWAYS buy the last year of the particular model I'm interested as not only have they worked all the kinks out of them (hopefully) but also offer outstanding interest rates and I’ve never been perfectly happy receiving a new vehicle after ordering cause at least 10 out...
  8. Self oil changes and other maintenance items

    It’s like assembling your first AR15, best way to understand how it works and how to repair it is to put one together yourself. Same thing with doing your own work on your vehicle, just remember to take your time and make sure you’ve got the tools necessary along with oil drain pan etc
  9. For everyone waiting on their 2024 I present you the Tremor in AMB (Richmond Auto Show)

    I too have noticed the 2024’s are all starting to look and match up to each and every model alike. In a way the new Tremor’s front end reminds me of the Lightning and Maverick, sorta cheesy as imo each model should have a look of its own versus blending bodies into each model truck. Guess to...
  10. Goodbye Hankook - hello Continential TerrainContact™ A/T Tires

    Ummm, I wouldn’t run anything in the snow without the required snowflake rating and so best rated are the KO2’s, Toyo AT3’s and the Falken AT3/4’s. Most tires when new, are pretty sticky but the real test is 10-15k miles later to see if you still feel the same about them. Remember, SMOWFLAKE...
  11. For everyone waiting on their 2024 I present you the Tremor in AMB (Richmond Auto Show)

    Do yours stick out that much cause I haven’t noticed the 2023’s doing that, that’s pretty severe
  12. For everyone waiting on their 2024 I present you the Tremor in AMB (Richmond Auto Show)

    It’s all about angles of approach , less than a steep climb WILL either catch and grind or bend so either way it’s a piss poor place to put those but hey, 99% of 4x4 users do not do any 4x4’ing outside of gravel roads and purposely look for mud so actually that said it’s easier to find those tow...
  13. For everyone waiting on their 2024 I present you the Tremor in AMB (Richmond Auto Show)

    As a weekend hunter (every chance I get) and adventurer 😆 I tend to do lots of off-roading and would definitely do away with those rear tow hooks. Wonder when TFL is going to tear those off on one of their off road test drives
  14. FORScan changes necessary after battery upgrade?

    That’s great to know but based on what I’m seeing would I need to replace my alternator for a more powerful alternator to power it up or is it good to go as is. I’ve got a 23 Lariat 5.0
  15. FORScan changes necessary after battery upgrade?

    Curious to know as I’m interested in swapping my 6 month old H6 battery for an H7 AGM but why go from and H6 to H8 and not just to an H7?
  16. Oil life question, 2200 miles?

    You should do an early 1k and 2k break in oil change with the best oil and filter you can afford and keep an eye on it as some fords have been reported to consume a quart ever 1k miles. I only use Amsoil Signature Series oil and filter and have been doing so for a great many years in all of my...
  17. Oil change interval at just 1,000 miles?

    I changed mine at 1k, 2500 with Amsoil Signature Series oil and filter, since then at every 5k only with Amsoil Signature Series oil and filter. But then again, I never race my vehicles, I cruise with them all which is most likely the reason why they’ve never given me a problem in past 40 years...
  18. Bought ‘23 Platinum PB with no sunroof

    I too purchased a 23 Lariat but had to have it with no sunroof as Ford is notorious for having issues with their sliding roof channels. Dealership said it’s a owner maintenance thing and that it’s the complete responsibility of the truck owner to keep the channels clean which first time hearing...