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  1. 7 Months and Counting for Replacement Cat Converter

    Wife's truck. She's been driving it the whole time, to include pulling a horse trailer. Called the dealership and complained yesterday: "excessive . . . need an ETA . . . want to speak with a manager . . . etc., etc." Service tech called back later in the day; magically my parts just came in and...
  2. 7 Months and Counting for Replacement Cat Converter

    2022 Power Boost. October '22 the Service Engine light came on. Dealership said the catalytic converter needed to be replaced. Parts have been on order for 7 months and counting without an ETA. I get that there is a shortage, but this seems excessive. Thoughts?
  3. Bed Rack above Tonneau

    With RetraxPro XR, you can open the cover with the low Rhino rails installed. The T-slot tracks of the RetraxPro XR also allow you to have both the Truxedo Elevate and the Rhino crossbars installed simultaneously. YouTube:
  4. Bed Rack above Tonneau

    Had the same concerns with the Elevate rails pinching folding tonneau cover. Went with RetraxPro XR, Rhino Rack Vortex crossbars (low height, T-slot), and Truxedo Elevate crossbars (adjustable higher height, T-slot). Expensive solution, but RealTruck POC offered me a great price (shared in...
  5. RealTruck.com

    Just ordered a sun shade from RealTruck through Alex also, and he was able to save me some money on that too. Be careful. I’m finding myself wanting to buy more stuff for my truck because I’m getting great deals!
  6. RealTruck.com

    If you’re a forum member and looking to buy some gear, do yourself a favor and reach out to Alex Pendleton at RealTruck.com for a price quote. Put f150gen14 in the subject line of your email. I purchased both my tonneau cover (RetraxPro XR) and recent ladder rack (Truxedo Elevate) through him...
  7. July 4th Sales?

    All good. Got an excellent deal this morning on the Truxedo Elevate via chat at RealTruck.
  8. 4th of July Sales @ Stage3!

    Too bad the Truxedo Elevate (1118570) doesn’t qualify for the coupon 😢.
  9. July 4th Sales?

    No PMs
  10. July 4th Sales?

    Guess not 😢
  11. July 4th Sales?

    Anyone tracking great specials or discounts (July 4th, military) this weekend? I’m looking to pick up the Truxedo Elevate (TRX-1118570) to compliment my Rhino Vortex bars. RetraxPro XR is the way to go!
  12. 2022 Lariat 3-tone beep when door open & system off

    Check your front light switch
  13. Full tow package without extended mirrors

    Very clear in the Order Guide that tow mirrors are a separate option. You need the tow package in order to add them to your build, but they do not come with the tow package.
  14. Bed Rack above Tonneau

    Ordered the Vortex AeroCrossbar by Rhino Rack: RLT600 + VA180B(2). Should arrive in a few days. Next problem to solve: If I want to secure something random to the bars that requires tie-down straps, what do I attach the tie-downs to (assuming RetraxPro XR is closed, so I cannot reach BoxLink...
  15. Bed Rack above Tonneau

    I’m leaning towards the the Vortex AeroCrossbar by Rhino Rack: RLT600 + VA180B(2).
  16. Bed Rack above Tonneau

    RetraxPro XR arrived with broken piece. Second one (first replacement) arrived with same broken piece. Third one (second replacement) was a charm -no issues. Finally installed today. Regarding which T-slot accessory to purchase, I haven’t decided yet. Need to spend a few days with the tonneau...
  17. 2022 Lariat cargo light wiring harness parts

    Haven’t installed yet. I ordered the 4 parts (links provided in earlier message in this thread), and ordered the OBDLink EX to use FORScan. Fingers crossed the connections match up.
  18. 2022 Lariat cargo light wiring harness parts

    FORScan changes required per thread
  19. 2022 Lariat cargo light wiring harness parts

    @Genoz Sorry to bother. Just want to confirm these are the plug locations you speak of.
  20. 2022 Lariat cargo light wiring harness parts

    Same for me: MY22 PowerBoost Lariat with Trailer Tow package. @Genoz, these dummy connections (picture inserted below)? If so, this looks too easy not to try. Literally plug-n-play (+FORScan of course). Thanks again for you help with this!