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  1. Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac RT installed

    Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business! Much appreciated!
  2. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison - Side by Side Look + Technical Analysis

    Thank you for your business! Much appreciated!
  3. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    I just checked with Falken and they are telling me the 295/65R 20 A/T4W is currently on back order with an ETA of 90 days out. That tells me that the tire is in production, so hopefully we start seeing them sooner as opposed to later.
  4. Michelin Defender LTX M/S 2 vs ?

    Thank you for your business, we appreciate your support. It is great to have choices, and Discount Tire definitely has more choices.
  5. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    I've seen quite a few posts saying no rub with no level with the 275. I have seen a few post stating a rub on the right side inner rubber liner rub.
  6. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    Both options will work. I have read that the 285 may rub on the front inner plastic liners at full lock in a turn, but very minor and can be modified to clear easily enough. Both sizes are readily available at this time.
  7. Hub bore

    Hub centric wheels are the best way to ensure that ride issues are all but eliminated. If a hub centric version of your wheel is available, go for that option. Hub centric rings work well too, but there may still be a slight chance of vibration issues.
  8. New Method MR321 wheels with Nitto tires

    Great looking set up! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Top 4 Mickey Thompson Baja Tires

    NOTE: Right now get $100 back by mail on select sets from Mickey Thompson – ends April 15, 2024!
  10. Top 4 Mickey Thompson Baja Tires

    Mickey Thompson’s Baja family of tires isn’t just for off-road enthusiasts, it’s by enthusiasts. Just like their namesake, Mickey Thompson himself, these tires are all about defying expectations. Inspired by the legendary Baja 1000, an extreme and prestigious off-road motorsports competition...
  11. Got some new RTR Evo 6 Wheels 20x9 +18mm - cool and functional

    @Babbage Great looking truck! Love the contrast that the wheels add to the overall look!
  12. Street truck wheels - suggestions?

    Thank you so much for your business and support. The Truck looks fantastic with the black wheels. Good job!
  13. Looking for suggestions on new wheels for stock lariat in iconic silver with chrome package

    @Ranger621 The Rebel 6 wheels look amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    Sorry I'm late to the party...The LT 305/55R 20 Falken A/T4W is available for order. Hope you don't mind a DM being sent your way.
  15. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    Very nice! Looking forward to hearing how the Falken LT 295/70R18 A/T4W's perform for you!
  16. Aftermarket wheels and tires on a Limited? Fuel Covert / Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Thank you for the shout out! We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!
  17. Aftermarket Wheel / Tires - Fit

    The 2" puck will give you more than enough room. Plenty of tire and wheel options are available. Happy to help research any options if you need assistance. Feel free to shoot me a DM.
  18. 285/75/18 question for my Powerboost

    The Method MR316 is a fantastic looking wheel. Max height allowed is 35 inches and from a 44mm to an 18mm offset will give approximately an inch of poke. Should be a solid fit. Please keep us updated, we would love to know how it works out and of course pics please.(y)