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  1. Bed Cap Install & Wiring Issues

    I meant grey brown, but there are definitely multiple wires in there that would work. Good to know!
  2. Bed Cap Install & Wiring Issues

    For anyone wondering. This is the official wiring guide from LEER. They finally responded to my email. They call out the engine bay wiring for the third brake light. Others seem to be having the no voltage issue as well on that wire (no flickering, just no power in general) - Only other...
  3. Bed Cap Install & Wiring Issues

    Any update from the dealer on third brake light not working from wire in engine bay?
  4. Bed Cap Install & Wiring Issues

    I am tapped into the larger gauge one toward the left side of my finger (two identical wires next to each other, the one closer to the center of my finger). I believe either will work. It's the grey brown. I should have pointed at it with a pen. You can see the blue one that is being tapped into...
  5. Bed Cap Install & Wiring Issues

    Did you get this figured out? I just put a topper on and am having the same issue. Tested the wire itself and no signal when braking (voltage). Also have 2023 PB crew longbed. For reference on the lock unlock wires, here is an image for anyone who has issues with locating the wire. The lock...