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  1. Power-Up 6.5.0 Installed

    Received this power up last night. They are rolling these updates out pretty regularly now. Gauge cluster was reset back to default this morning.
  2. Power-up 4.3.6

    Just got 4.3.6 not sure if anyone else has received it yet. I searched and only saw up to 4.3.5
  3. Bluecruise doesn’t like my sunglasses

    Got a new pair of sunglasses and Bluecruise does not looked them. It keeps telling me to keep my eyes on the road and I’m just sitting there looking straight ahead. I’ve always had polarized mirror finish sunglasses and never had an issue till I got this new pair. Took them off and had no...
  4. Heated mirrors ota update

    Received this ota update overnight for the heated mirrors. I have tow mirrors on my ‘21. Wondering if this is for regular mirrors as well.
  5. Moldy a/c smell

    I’ve searched for various keywords to find previous posts but all I can find are ones referencing posts from last summer and people complaining. Getting moldy/musty smell out of a/c vents when I start the truck. This is my 3rd f150 and never had this issue before. I’ve checked the following...
  6. Fordpass partial response received.

    I’ve been getting the error of a partial response received in my fordpass app now for about 2 weeks. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and removing and reading the truck back into the app. Anyone else have this problem?