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  1. F150 Tail Lights: Easy to Steal, Expensive to Replace!

    My neighbor returned from a trip where the theft of both tail lights occurred in the hotel’s parking lot. Thieves have found the trick to quickly and easily lifting F150 tail lights, even with a locked tailgate. I searched the forum and didn’t find a similar post so started this one. When he...
  2. Getting ready to order 2024 F150 but have a question regarding engine and axle ratio choices

    … or lack thereof compared to 2023 MY. I’ve noticed the 3.31 rear axle is only an option for the 5.0 and not for 3.5 EB for 2024 contrary to the 2023 MY. Looks like 5.0s cannot have the 3.55 either. Can anyone provide the rational or benefit for this? When considering the 2023s, I wanted the...