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  1. Best Protective Floor Mats?

  2. Best Protective Floor Mats?

    Had the pen tray and weathertechs. now I have the 3D premiums for the summer and Tuxmats for the winters!!
  3. Speakers-best bang for the buck

    I personally went this way. Love the clarity and soundstage. Highly recommend
  4. Audio build shoutout.

    I was able to tuck it in behind the hvac controls.
  5. Morimoto releases tail lamps, headlamps and grille!

    can’t wait to see them running. Im debating between the rad and smoked. On the site the smoked led seems a bit orange/amber
  6. Audio build shoutout.

    Just wanted to spend two minutes thanking and recommending Joe at Plug and Play. My truck has the regular non b&o system and was always leaving me wanting more. I didn’t want anything expensive or that looked out of place. I started by installing the factory option Kicker sub. Now I had boom...
  7. Tuxmat bench seat

    For all you fine gents who are looking for interior mats, here’s my 2 cents. I have gone through the gambit of all the mats. I’ve had the factory liners, weather techsand I have carpeted liners for the summer. I recently ordered, received and installed Tuxmats. Here are pics for those...
  8. Please help! Back glass rattle is killing me with no end in sight.

    Something like this. But I feel you’d have to layer it a bit Car Multipurpose Tape, Car Self Adhesive Anti Squeak Rattle Felt Automotive Wiring Harness Tape Car Accessories (32mm*15m) https://a.co/d/7yFuU7P I usually get it from the parts department. maybe check with your local auto parts
  9. Please help! Back glass rattle is killing me with no end in sight.

    As a technician who often deals with NVH issues, here’s what I would do. There’s a free app called Tone Generator use this to isolate the frequency that causes the vibration. Next I would get a thick(2mm) foam tape and apply two thin strips on the top and bottom of the static glass where the...
  10. F150 trucks from Canada

    The currency discrepancy has made trucks in Canada comparitely much cheaper. Add the new car depreciation and Canadian dealers have been making hand over fist in the last ten years. There are few if any noticeable differences. I wouldn’t worry about. On the other hand if there’s a lobo badge on...
  11. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Weird that the info on server doesn’t match the truck??
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    No full screen or Alexa. thanks for the info. cheers
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    yeah. 2.7.4 was in October, I keep manually checking and have reset update schedule multiple times.
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Hi all, thanks for the help. Can someone check 1FTEW1E89MKD28296, I’m still stuck on 2.7.4.