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  1. Second battery has failed - Ford BMS is crap

    Well.. the AGM battery can have a dead cell in it.. nothing wrong with that cell.. except you need to charge the battery a lot harder to get that cell back on the chart. normally you will get a few years out of each unit...
  2. What universe is Farley living in

    My '22 Lariat has had four recalls on it. we just changed out my JGC and did a Tahoe... i did not even look at Fords... four is too many. And i did have a $2k ford coupon. brakes and winshield wipers? i am not in favor of another ford....
  3. Vehicles thefts Key vs PTS

    i just use my remote without the battery....
  4. A Bit of Perspective

    F150 is a great truck. On #2 for me. Just replaced a jgc. i went Tahoe and not ford.. too many recalls on my ‘22 f150. I would not mind a problem or even two. Mine has four.. I had a $2k ford coupon too.. I did not even test an expedition.
  5. Question, To lend my truck or not

    An enormously bad idea…
  6. Self oil changes and other maintenance items

    Document your receipt for oil and filters in the ford app… you need some tools too. I use a 6 gal jug for collection… and have a way to clean up the drips ..
  7. 5.0 engine unavailable to KingRanch and Platnium 2024

    Ford needs to get costs down. That is job 1. And reduce errors in assembly job 2. They created major problems for manufacturing with all these permutations of options. Glad the engineers are optimizing efficiency again… Bravo!!
  8. Ram Hurricane HO

    I have a ‘22 F150 and a ‘23 Tahoe. The 5.3 is not a bad engine and on the highway it is very efficient. The gm has a better approach on the 10 speed. The key parameter is how good a deal the purchase is. its just too close to call.
  9. Dynamic bending headlights? Do I have it?

    I find the beam pattern uneven and distracting. It is sure not the bright even beam of my wife‘s car or my ’23 Tahoe. The projector lenses seem to have lots of seams and reflections I am just impressed. Like the lens have cracks inside them.
  10. Do you like your 2,7 ecoboost or wish you bought 5.0?

    My first 2.7 had the chain drive oil pump.. this second gen has a cog belt. but so does the 5.0 so i think it is pretty much a tie. The only engine that ever let me down on the road was a Ford 2.4 mustang II which lost its timing belt...
  11. Ordered mid November - truck built

    Mine was built Jan 11 2022 and I got it feb 10… pretty quick
  12. So you decided to buy an ICE truck.... WHY?

    Thank you.. a terrible exaggeration On my part.. there are 57200 watts from 130 panels.. as if you can produce more than half at any given time..
  13. So you decided to buy an ICE truck.... WHY?

    i weighed it heavily. given that i have access to 30 MW of solar most of the year at my dad's house. i still went against it. when we get to lifepo4 batteries that have 2-8000 cycles i will put up with the inconvenience. Maybe you get 800 cycles out of current f150 batteries... there so many...
  14. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    Expensive. With the DC bench supply you can charge from zero to sixty volts.. milliamperes to 5 amps. it was $55 when i bought it. I would much rather see the actual volts and amps (display with numbers) so i know where i am with $200 battery. Or when giving a button cell a bump so it will open...
  15. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    Export... i am using Fusion.. on IOS.. on that app.. they are called "dashboards" will that work?
  16. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    This is what i use to charge / float my battery. If the battery has been in a low state of charge, but still good, you may need a bump in voltage to get the plates healthy again. NONE of the battery chargers.. are going to be perfect. You have to correct for temperature. They don't. With this...
  17. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    My new H8.. after sitting 36 days initial charged SOC of 100 dropped to 67. The two year old H6 was puking out 590 amps into the tester at 65 degrees or so. Low.. but i also knew that i had forgotten my odb2 wi-fi a few times and really discharged the H6. The new H8 was doing 1000 amps. There...
  18. Catch can causing oil pan leak?

    There is an element of truth in the dealers position. High Crankcase pressure causing the leak... Assuming that is true.. it is only going to leak again most likely. My first 2.7 sprung 4 oil pan leaks.. i think it was due to blow-by under severe boost conditions. And also a weak EGR.. i have...
  19. 2021 - 2023 Reliability?

    2022.. my hood needed some alignment. bugged me everytime i walked by it. 20 min job. battery upgraded... mine only had an H6 instead of spec H7.. i installed an H8. Jan built 2022... am missing decent headrest... otherwise just fine. i did do a 9 yr and 100k warranty from Ford too. i am a much...