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  1. Priority Update 23-PU1009-SS-NS

    Have no idea if related or coincidence but FordPas won’t lock my doors after this update
  2. lithium batteries..

    I have a lithium cranking/starter battery in my boat. Best battery i’ve ever owned. Will concede the freezing temp issue though…..
  3. Factory catalytic converter protection

    Installed the Talon on my truck today. Black powder coat. One man job with a floor jack to lift it into place. Slide it foward onto the 2 front bolts. Lift it to bring the rear up againt the rear cross member. install bolts tighten front and rear. All done.
  4. Tire rubbing conundrum finally fixed...

    Mine rubbed when in reverse steering wheel hard right. Inner inner wheel well/slash guard was the culprit. Zip tied pulling it away from tire closer to frame fixed. ZIP tie on an 80k truck. Ford come on!!!!
  5. Armrest Not Staying Up In Open Position

    Did this Did Hambone’s fix today. Much better spring tension in the open position than before. Not as much as i would like but it does stay open even wen driving.
  6. Flash Sale from Livernois for their tuners today only! From $800 down to $500!

    Me too! @ $500.00 i would be in for sure
  7. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Might As well check mine. Last per FP is 6.8 on 1/23 vin # 1FTFW1E80PFB30011
  8. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    Might As well check mine. Last per FP is 6.8 on 1/23 vin # 1FTFW1E80PFB30011 thanks in advance!
  9. Android widget

    MY have been answered in the precious 29 pages but…."any chance for an iphone app???
  10. Roll-n-lock A XT VS. RetraxPro XR

    No…..I clipped a key to the tie down loop for quick acess if needed to unlock. . For me it works as i rarely need to open unlock it. I have the bed/tailgate rug with the ford bed divider. Acts as a trunk for my golf clubs LOL.
  11. Roll-n-lock A XT VS. RetraxPro XR

    I have the roll n lock (without the slotted rails) and love it. Been on the truck for maybe 3 months and is very water tight. Minimal water at the tailgate corners Only
  12. Downloading Power-Up 6.8.0 Today

    That would seem obvious but the truck is 6 months old. My chevy key fob battery would go years. in addition there is a phantom download after 6.8. just seemed odd…..
  13. Downloading Power-Up 6.8.0 Today

    6.8 update a week or so ago. Today I get out of the truck and walk away using key fob to lock it.. No horn honk. Walk back click it several times and it locks. Later i get in the truck and drive away and get a notice no key fob detected. WTF……Ive started you and are driving LOL….. later i get...
  14. Added Hood Scoop with Integrated Lights to 2021 F-150 King Ranch

    That scoop looks good! Thinking i may put it on my 23 Platinum Question: how does it install? Mechanical fastners?
  15. Downloading Power-Up 6.8.0 Today

    6.6 downloaded and installed 48 hrs ago. FP notification today that 6.8 would install at next scheduled update time. Hopefully it is doing so as i type this……fingers crossed.
  16. Power-Up 6.5.0 Installed

    waited 5 wks for 6.5. 2 days later, today, received notice 6.8 is coming tonite LOL.
  17. Power-Up 6.5.0 Installed

    I have to leave my iphone in the house or on airplane mode for my truck to acknowledge connection …….
  18. Power-Up 6.5.0 Installed

    Notified via FP last nite that 6.5 was ready. Checked this morning and it was successful.