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  1. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    While I appreciate the parts searches (really I do), this one is going to be done by the shop. Logistics just don't work for me. I've got a plane to catch Friday and a couple weeks vacation to enjoy.
  2. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    The labor includes recalibration of cameras for 360 view.
  3. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    For the curious, the repair estimate is $ 1927.13 Almost 2 grand for hitting a duck on a 2023 Limited. Only parts required are the replacement grille at a retail cost of $ 1570.50 plus tax. 3.2 hours labor.
  4. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    I had a seagull hit my Suzuki Samurai on the passenger side A pillar doing 50 mph back in the day. No damage to the Samurai but scared the crap out of the passengers.
  5. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    That shutter assembly possibility is what makes me think "let the insurance deal with it." Then again, if the parts aren't available it could be totalled :p
  6. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    I tried pulling it down a little but it didn't move. It's all plastic. Maybe with a heat gun to make it pliable you could pull it back and glue it - assuming the chrome coating is ok. I've got too many other things to do right now to play with it.
  7. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    Ford Parts lists it as $ 1570.50 msrp. Looks to be about a dozen or less fastners. If I was a fan of the blacked out look now would be the time, but I'm not.
  8. Hit a duck - how screwed am I?

    Hit a duck this morning and apparently the truck has a "glass jaw."
  9. Android auto questions

    I'm a bit confused why you would have AA enabled on the phone for the vehicle if you don't use maps. A regular Bluetooth connection will pass audio from apps and get you text and emails on the sync screen.
  10. Question about something a ford tech told me

    Is your amp power hooked up to the small battery under the rear passenger seat?
  11. 2024 5G modem for 21-23 trucks

    The only different frequencies are the mm wave band for very high speeds and short ranges. Outside of dense urban environments you probably aren't going to see those so 4G and 5G in that circumstance use the same frequency bands.
  12. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    I got an invite to try version 5 mid week.last week with a deadline of 4/1 to respond by. Someone needs a new calendar at Ford.
  13. Reconnect Andriod Auto

    I would agree except I see the same issues on other vehicle forums. Android Auto is the issue - especially the half baked versions they continue to push put to newer phones. Unfortunately it is not just the wireless connection. I've had the same failure modes with a wired connection.
  14. 24-PU0227-VI-RBS loaded yesterday

    Hadn't heard of this one. Supposed to help with updates...
  15. 2021 F150 Advanced Security Pack

    If a 4 from the factory you probably should leave it at 4. CEAM is "clear exit assist menu" and I'm not sure what that would add to the IPC. You want PAT (perimiter alarm text) to be either all sensors motion sensors. I haven't tried all sensors so you would be on you own if you went with 0 or 8.
  16. Worst Oil Thread Ever - The BakeOff

    You are comparing apples to oranges with the Amsoil Signature vs. Pensoil Ultra. Pensoil doesn't market their oils as a 25k mile change interval like Amsoil does. Obviously everyone is free to use what they want. Pensoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic $34/gallon at Walmart ($37 at Advance Auto...
  17. Make volume up button on steering turn audio on

    I was bummed about the lack of a mute button - until I realized these things don't actually turn off like the old car audio systems used to and the power button is mostly a glorified mute button for the music player. It would make sense and be useful if the audio player (for whatever the...
  18. Can't make this stuff up

    I just checked FordPass.and it says the update was 23-PU1113-UNX-DC but the SYNC screen said 24-PU0105-CMR-FX. Sometimes I wonder who's running the show, other times I know - it's frightening either way 😅
  19. Can't make this stuff up

    My dealer sent a mobile tech to check on CSP 22B21 (Gateway Module Programming). He arrived and the truck had started the update for 24-PU0105-CMR-FX (Driver Monitoring System) amd so was inhibited. We shot the breeze until the truck would let us in. He gets in, hooks up his laptop, and FDRS...