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  1. Gas Thief Drilled Holes Into My Gas Tank

    CA is a lost cause. The people in power have the majority brainwashed. The only way this state turns around is for it to hit rock bottom to wake everyone up.
  2. Gas Thief Drilled Holes Into My Gas Tank

    Interestingly, no other trucks on my street were hit. I wonder if the thief knew it was plastic and made for an easier target. Perhaps a benefit of steel gas tanks - thieves know not to drill into them to avoid sparking and creating an explosion....or they're dumb enough to do it anyway but then...
  3. F-150 Tremor Skid plate installed

    Any mpg impact?
  4. Matched the steering wheel to my Katzkin seat

    Love the color! I can't get enough of brown leather interiors. Reminds me of the King Ranch (which apparently are not sold in SoCal...I looked for one and the closest dealer with one was 250 miles away).
  5. Opinions Wanted

    2023 FX4 PB here with 3.73 and 5.5' bed - I'm averaging 21-22 mpg. Stock everything though.
  6. Anyone Have Experience with Dueler AT Revo 3?

    I'm looking to possibly replace the OEM Hankooks with something with better grip in all conditions but I don't want to sacrifice on mpg (as much as I can) and noise. I've looked at all the common choices and compared and narrowed my search down to the following: 1. Continental TerrainContact AT...
  7. 2023 Raptor Market Adj

    That's because Ford doesn't offer special financing for Tremor or Raptor (or at least not right now). I was looking at Platinums at 3% financing but ultimately decided it came with features I'd never use or didn't want. Then had my heart set on a Tremor but multiple dealers told me Ford doesn't...
  8. Stereo Experts - Need Help

    Thanks very much for the response, Bryan. I'll get in touch with Sounds Good Stereo.
  9. Stereo Experts - Need Help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the truck world and I'd love some advice on adding a sub and amp to my truck. I already have a single 12" sub and amp from a previous car. Is it best to place sub and amp behind the rear seats or underneath? Is it best to remove the OEM sub and amp or add to the system...
  10. Popular Wheel Vendors?

    Hi everyone, First time truck owner here. I come from the sports car segment (Mustangs and road course racing). I'm looking for some new wheels - could anyone recommend me a vendor that sells hub-centric wheels specific to F150's?