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  1. Adapter for blinker.

    So I've seen the adapters for headlights and parking lights to add the raptor style lights and fender vent lights but has anyone seen any for the blinkers. To add a light in fender vent and it'll blink with blinkers.
  2. Vin number lookup

    Ok so this isn't an f150 question. Is there a way to find service history on a car using the Vin. I bought my son a 2014 mitsubishi outlander sport and want to find out service history as I know nothing about it. Could someone please lookup the Vin and tell me what it says if possible. Vin#...
  3. Parking light drl

    I looked around didn't see anything. Wondering if you can change drl from low beams to the parking lights on my stx. Sorry if it's already been asked I didn't see in my search.
  4. Blinker while towing

    Im sure im not the first to notice this but I noticed today while towing a trailer when I hit the blinker to change lanes it blinked 5 times instead of 3. And to make sure I wasn't crazy or it changed with an Ota update after I unhooked from trailer I hit it and it blinked 3 times. If I ever...
  5. FORScan windows laptop

    So I just figured out our laptop is a chromebook so its not windows. I believe I've seen here you need a windows laptop to do FORScan . And I saw someone on one of the many threads posted a cheap windows laptop to use FORScan on. Anyone know this or know of one thats cheap but works good with...
  6. Yellow to red blinkers

    So alot of the gen 14's around here have the halogen tails. The clear lens yellow bulb just like mine. I'm thinking about replacing my yellow bulb for a red one just to be a little different. Anyone have this thought or am I crazy. Lol
  7. Anyone heard of aliexpress

    Anyone hear of aliexpress or ordered from them. I had a customer talking about it and decided to take a look. Looks kinda sketchy just wondering if anyone here has any dealings with it.
  8. Stowable bed extender

    I'm wanting to get the stowage bed extender to put inside the bed for when my wife gets groceries they don't slide to front of bed. I want the stowage ones so they'll fold in and not get in way for normal bed use. I don't wanna pay the outrageous price from ford but can only find ones for up...
  9. 9005 in fogs

    I see the fogs we can put 9005 in since it seems there's more bulb options than the 9145. I'm thinking getting sylvania sylverstar ultra since it's a whiter light and a little brighter. My question is our high beams are 9005 would that be to overbearing being in fog lights being to bright with...
  10. Tow mirrors for stx

    Where are you guys finding best prices for tow mirrors. I have an stx so only need power and I believe their heated. Don't need anything else happy with just that. Do they have a direct plug and play for my stx. Has anyone with an stx gotten plug and play tow mirrors and where did you get them.
  11. Extended warranty

    I'm looking into getting an extended warranty for my truck. I found through granger they have ford protect. Is that what everyone else has or another one thays better. Ford protect offers from 3y/36000m to 10y/175000m and all between. What's everyone got on years and miles of extended warranty
  12. 2023 downloadable owners manual

    Anyone have a link to the 23 owners manual. I've searched saw 21 and 22 but haven't seen a 23. Not sure if it'd be any different but wanted to ask
  13. Add puddle lights to STX

    Is it possible to put puddle lights on my stx mirrors. I mean I know anything is possible but what would have to be done to make this happen. I'd like to possibly keep my factory mirrors just put some puddle lights under and make come on when unlock doors and stuff like my cargo lamps
  14. Remote start question.

    I have an stx only have remote start through fordpass app. I see people with lower trims put the start x on their truck and like it. My question is this... when I use fordpass app to start it seems to go by temp as to using heat or ac. The start x said something about it using last set upon...
  15. Front cubby tray

    The front cubby under the ac controls and all on the center console I see people 3d print like a business card holder and a little tray but does anyone know what was originally supposed to go there.
  16. Radio stops playing when i get notifications

    I recently noticed that when I get a text and the notification pops up on my radio my radio stops playing music. I have to change preset and it starts playing again. Then I'll put it right back to the preset I was listening to and it plays again. Definitely never did this before anyone else...
  17. Drl question

    Ok so take it easy on me as I ask this question. I did look around here didn't find an answer. I have the quad halogen lights .. is it high beam or low beam thats used for drl. I don't drive my truck much so I haven't pulled up to a glass windowed store and see which is lite up. I wish I had...
  18. Spray on liner rear wheel wells

    Has anyone sprayed their rear wheel liners instead of buying the actual liners. If so how do you like it. Another question is if id try that and didnt like it and got the actual liners would it fit like it should.
  19. Wifi carrier

    Is at&t the only carrier we can get for the wifi in our trucks