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  1. Gator Trac Tonneau cover - works with automatic tailgate?

    Does anyone have the gator trax installed on their 2021? Does it work with the automatic tailgate?
  2. Unable to lower King Ranch Rear Seat

    I have a 2021 king ranch and am unable to lower the drivers side rear seat. I wanted to install the built right assist but can’t lower the seat. My old f150 had enough space to get my hand down to release. My king ranch has doesn’t have an opening across the top it’s all one piece. There is a...
  3. Sleep Mode

    Unfortunately it’s going to be outside and in unattended
  4. Sleep Mode

    How many days does it take for sleep mode to set in. Also if the truck isn’t going to driven is scheduled starts the way to go.
  5. Transmission questions

    Couple of questions. 1. does anyone use the gear lockout while driving in town? 2. does anyone use it to down shift instead of going to manual? 3. Is there a way to “untrain” your transmission DYI or is that just a dealer thing? 4.does the transmission trained for each driving mode. and...
  6. Default driving mode

    For the first three months my trucks default mode is as normal. Now it’s slippery. I used this mode for a week after the last snow storm but now it’s the default. Any suggestions on getting back to normal or default to sport?
  7. Ford Pass is a joke!

    Same issue, mine has never worked. All I get from Ford is the run around.
  8. Leather interior cleaning … what are you using?

    What are you using to clean and condition your leather interior?
  9. Neither USB port Fast Charging my phone, only standard charging speed

    Well that’s some progress I suppose. Do you expect to hear back from them regarding the usb problem or wait till you hear from the dealer.
  10. Anyone install the livernois tuner?

    Agree, I like the idea of trying to resolve the transmission issue with this tuner but need a lot of positive feedback before dropping $800
  11. Help with a dashboard icon.

    Fixed I must have turned off bliss along the way Blis back on and the icon is gone, thanks for the assist
  12. Help with a dashboard icon.

    No trailer connected, trip to the dealer or a simple fix ?
  13. Help with a dashboard icon.

    I’ve looked in the manual but can’t find the meaning behind this icon
  14. Anyone install the livernois tuner?

  15. Do you run Syn 4 or Apple CarPlay?

    Thank you, let me poke around a little more and I’ll follow up with any other questions. By the way no need to apologize you’ve been a big help.