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  1. USB error and Code_0

    I believe so, although I don't know how to be sure it is the most recent update. Are you talking about the Sync version or one of the others?
  2. USB error and Code_0

    I did the same. Installed via USB and seems to have gone away.
  3. USB error and Code_0

    Thanks. I do dismiss it, but it comes back every time I turn the truck on. More of an annoyance, but really wanted to make sure it doesn't cause an issue longer term for me on updates. I will send you my VIN in a few minutes.
  4. USB error and Code_0

    Hi all, I am not sure if this is a real issue or not, so I figured I would ask this group if anyone else has seen this. I recently had the Sync software re-installed and now I am getting this whenever I turn my truck on. I usually have a charging cable installed but this error shows...
  5. Screen issues on 12 inch screen

    Dealer did install a new APIM chip and the issue is resolved (mostly). My guess is that it was just the actual re-install of the software versus the replacement of the chip, but regardless, it is working again.
  6. Screen issues on 12 inch screen

    I believe it. My first thought was failed update or partial update, which is what it sounds like it was. I am concerned about the dealerships / service departments with all of the new tech that is coming out quickly. I just don’t know if they have kept up with the technology in these vehicles...
  7. Screen issues on 12 inch screen

    Dealer told me that it was the APIM chip that had “shorted” and ordered me a new one. I have an appointment on Wednesday this week to get it replaced. If it really was just a software push issue I am going to be pretty disappointed. This is the second time already that they have replaced the...
  8. Screen issues on 12 inch screen

    Quick update on it. I called Ford support and we did master reset again, etc. Still not working. They did say that my truck tried to do an OTA update last night but failed. It was working fine yesterday and not working today so maybe that is the culprit. I asked if I could force the update...
  9. Screen issues on 12 inch screen

    Today, I turned my truck on and the main screen is not working properly. It is all now just a single pane instead of split screen, the bottom ribbon is tone on tone so can't easily be read, dark mode has the tone on tone everywhere, the scale of the images is wrong on SiriusXM, it no longer...
  10. Powerboost whistle?

    Been a while since I have been on the site. I still have the sound. Dealership hasn't been helpful in determining what it is. They also haven't had a Powerboost on the lot long enough for me to drive it to see if it makes the same sound. I agree that it seems to be coming from the driver foot...
  11. What changes would you make to FordPass?

    Yes. This would be great to see if my doors are locked when parked in the driveway. And maybe a way to automatically lock it on a schedule like every night at 9:00 it locks automatically.
  12. Power-up 1.7.1 OTA Installed

    Unfortunately, I am still on 1.4.0. I just checked to see if there was an update available and it says that I am on the "most recent" so hopefully I will be seeing it in the next week or so. I do like the idea of the Apple Maps on the instrument screen.
  13. Powerboost whistle?

    Yes, you have the ability to customize the 2 center gauges. With your vehicle on, you can go to: Hit the Menu button on your steering wheel Scroll to Settings and press OK Scroll to Configure Gauges and press OK You can choose Left or Right Selectable Gauge Scroll to the boost selection and...
  14. Powerboost whistle?

    Thanks everyone. I will for now just chalk it up to normal. Not sure if it is audible from outside the vehicle, but definitely inside I hear it. I will see if I can keep it in the same mode I am in but change the display so that it shows the booster to see if it is spooling up when I hear the...
  15. Powerboost whistle?

    Hi All, I have had my Powerboost for a few months now (5,500 miles) and really loving everything about it. One thing that I am trying to determine is if this high pitched whistle sound I am hearing is normal. I know the backup beep. I also know the safety hum that is there until 18 or so...
  16. What is this mystery part that fell off my truck?

    This is why I love this forum. Over the weekend, I was hearing an odd sound coming from what seemed like under the vehicle. It was the first time towing our camper so I was afraid that I had caused some damage somehow. After reading this, I looked under my truck and found a piece of this...
  17. Found tow mirrors from Ford for 360 view

    Great. Thanks.
  18. Found tow mirrors from Ford for 360 view

    Was looking at these but it doesn't look like this part number has the blind spot monitoring? Looks like it is ml3z-17696-ba to have the blind spot monitoring, although the descriptions are a bit confusing so I may be incorrect.
  19. Hard Shift 1 to 3

    I agree. If you can post the service order, that would be great.
  20. Hood / Bug Protector - Any Feedback / Reviews?

    That looks nice. So you got it directly from your dealer? Was it easy to install?