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  1. Update

    I haven’t used the ford pass in a couple days Must have gotten this Friday
  2. Trip from Illinois to Florida panhandle - MPG

    Gotta love the powerboost, had the cruise set at 75 , kinda stayed around 70 ish One more thing Blue Cruise is a definitely the way to travel
  3. Bluecruise update question

    Just a thought , how would I find out if my truck is capable of being able to update the software for hands free lane changing capability?
  4. Got 2 updates for n 2 days

    I’m part of early access, got 2 updates last couple days , anyone else ?
  5. Fuel economy

    I’ve had my truck for almost a year now , picked it up in January, anyway filling up today and resetting the trip I have never reset the trip 2 , pretty interesting, I love the truck , the way it rides , comfortable, and great fuel economy, now I did have the stop safely now , a couple times...
  6. New update today

    Todays update
  7. Reboot

    Anybody else have their truck reboot by it self ?
  8. FordPass message: Remote features disabled to preserve battery

    Woke up to this, haven’t started the truck yet , but never had it before anyone else?
  9. "Stop safely now" message

    this has happened to me twice , anyone else get in truck hit the start button, truck goes thur a couple screens , then won’t start , ( no Ready ) light , and Stop safely now …. try for a couple minutes ,get out of truck , get back in then out of the blue , starts normal ?? I googled all about...
  10. Another update today: Power-Up

    Went to lunch and had this pop up
  11. Any way to change color of the truck in the dash screen ?

    I know it’s kinda stupid , but is there a way to change the color or the truck in the dash screen ?
  12. 2023 Platinum, co pilot 360 ?

    My truck came with co-pilot 360 Active 2.0 My question is can Active Park assist 2.0 be added ??