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  1. What Does This Mean? 6.3.0 OTA

    I have gotten this message for several days now. Does this mean that the install and/or the download has failed? Thanks Fredm2002
  2. Assistance with Sync Version

    Attached is a screenshot of my sync version. Will that tell me what updates have been installed? if so, where can I find that info for future reference. Ford Pass does not show an update as a dealer did it for me today, at no charge. My truck is a Job1 2021 Platinum I thank you in advance...
  3. The Next OTA Update

    Hi Everyone, and FOMOCO: Is there any word on future OTA updates coming soon? I ask if my truck can get borked on 1.7.1 then it could get borked again on future updates, and I hope Ford keeps the customer informed. I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to buy equipment or pay a Ford tech...
  4. Raised White Letter Tires on 21-22 Platinum

    Happy Sunday and Happy Easter Everyone!! I am curious if anyone has put Raised White Letter Tires or Outlined White Letter Tires on a 21-22 Platinum? If so, could you share some pics? Not interested in a flame war, so just curious. Thanks Fredm2002
  5. Choosing Dearborn or Kansas City for your truck's production?

    Hi Everyone, Maybe this is for Albert? Is there a way that when you order, you can designate which factory can produce your truck? Might sound crazy but just curious, is all. Hope your all doing well, so stay safe, and healthy!! Fredm2002
  6. Better Rims than PVD Rims

    I know the PVD rims look nice but after a few years, the rims chip and peel even when taken care of. I would like to have 20-inch rims for the Lariet that are like those on a Platinum. Just an opinion of mine. I hope everyone is staying safe!