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  1. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    VIN #1FTFW1ED1MFB59560 Was checking software updates. When I clicked on Update Now got this new to me message. Just curious what the message might mean.
  2. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    2021 job F-150 Limited PowerBoost, original owner. VIN 1FTFW1ED1MFB59560. Version 23159, Revision 915. Blue Cruise 1.0 active. Not sure if I have SYNC IV or SYNC IV #2. Can you tell me? If I understand your post if I have SYNC IV and my version is less than Version 23167 (it’s Version 23159)...
  3. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Job 1 2021 F-150 Limited PowerBoost, original owner. VIN 1FTFW1ED1MFB59560. Version 23159 Revision 915. Blue Cruise active. Just when I was over my OCD Ford wants to update BlueCruise. I’ll have to turn email notification back on. Truck is running great. Biggest issue I’ve had is Nav needs a...
  4. Ford Blue Cruise expiration email

    I bought the BlueCruise 3-year plan for my 2021 job 1 F-150 Limited for $600.00. The $75.00 per month is just an incentive to buy the subscription. I doubt anyone would buy a monthly plan. I don't use BlueCruise much. Great in stop and go traffic, for me. Much less stress. My annual trip to...
  5. New Power-Up OTA Update 4.2.4

    Got OTA 3.5.3 the other day and 3.5.4 today. Noticed “breadcrumbs” tracing a rather long driveway. Also breadcrumbs when I left. Didn’t happen on a short driveway. Guess truck is now tracking off road driving.
  6. is Ford streaming worth the renew?

    I’m trying to imagine what having Alexa does to improve my truck. I don’t currently use Alexa. I was never offered Ford steaming with my 2021 job 1 F-150 Limited. Without Ford streaming I wouldn’t be able to stream music over the internet if I understand how Alexa works. I subscribe to...
  7. ford pass and secure alert

    Just got notified from Ford “With the preview of SecuriAlert wrapping up, this feature will no longer be in the app as of May 15, 2023. We greatly appreciate that you tried the feature during this preview. We’ll take the feedback and learnings from this trial and apply them when bringing you...
  8. OTA Power Up Updates FIX!! [Triggering an OTA Update]

    While washing the truck got 3.5.3. Sync is 22293 Revision 610. Maps is at 2.70.3r..... Guess we can add washing the truck to the list of steps that will update the truck. LOL Just think of what might happen if I had the truck waxed.
  9. OTA Power Up Updates FIX!! [Triggering an OTA Update]

    Ford must believe that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" doesn't apply to them. Ford just keeps sending out the same OTA that continues to fail.
  10. OTA Power Up Updates FIX!! [Triggering an OTA Update]

    Received OTA 3.5.2 October 2022. OTA 3.5.3 failed a few months ago and have this message on the owners' web site {mmotaAlertsDetails: [], status: {errorDescription: "No Qualified Alerts Found", statusCode: "204"},…} VIN: "1FTFW1ED1MFB59560" I'm not expecting Ford to try OTA 3.5.3 any time...
  11. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I don't think OTA will ever be "ready for prime time." I Have been waiting for 3.5.3 since October 2022. This is the OTA details of why the update failed months ago. motaAlertsDetails: [], status: {errorDescription: "No Qualified Alerts Found", statusCode: "204"},…} And Ford customer service...
  12. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Customer Satisfaction Program 22P08 – Supplement #2 was issued in October 2022 so the dealer can update maps. Maybe you can convince the dealer to "finish" the BlueCruise update by applying this CSP to your truck..
  13. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Map is out of date. There is TSB 22-2494 so dealer can update the map. Hopefully that will get BlueCruise going.
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    TSB 22-2494 addresses the expired maps. To avoid the pain of having the dealer trying to update, maybe Jesse-Infotainment will help.
  15. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    From Ford owner website for OTA 3.5.3--Created 01/26/2023, Expiration 02/02/2023, Update Pending State Null. Received OTA 3.5.2 early October 2022. If I'm reading the information correctly it appears that I'll not be getting 3.5.3 anytime soon and won't need to bother anyone asking for the...
  16. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    21G01 Supplement #2 just added to NHSTA site. I've attached the PDF of procedures. Hope this helps.
  17. Blue Cruise Not allowing hands free

    If the truck is drivable get it back. Dealer won't work any faster or harder to figure it out if it's on their lot. Call Ford customer service. They may be able to help or direct you to a department that can help. Be persistent and ready to spend a lot of time on the phone. Get case number...