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  1. Overthinking Powerboost GVWR but I was asked to ask

    Yeah I could adjust the WDH but I would still be over my GVWR, only thing I could remove from my truck would be the tools under the back seat. I will try adjusting my WDH again and see if that helps, Thanks for the idea! At least you are under the GVWR by 110lbs but, that’s not a lot of wiggle...
  2. Overthinking Powerboost GVWR but I was asked to ask

    I don’t think you will have the payload with a PB. I have a 21 PB Platinum FX4 every option except max recline seats and my payload is terrible, I didn’t realize it like most that it would be an issue. I didn’t understand how payload mattered until after I bought a rv. Now I am debating buying a...
  3. Folding Gear Shift Not Working - Won't Rise

    I feel like a charge counts as viagra :unsure: :ROFLMAO:
  4. Solving the secret treasures of the dark cavern -- lighting the center console

    Maybe something like this with 4 lights strips you could put one on each side. https://a.co/d/iy9WvKT
  5. The new tailgate

    Um wonder if it can be installed on the 21+ models…
  6. Floor Mats? Lux Box?

    I had the oem mats and hated them, I love these TUX Mats. They cover more area and clean up really easy compared to the oem ones. I threw a dirty pic in there for reference but all I did was vacuum them, a little soap and water and cleaned right up.
  7. What tire came on your PowerBoost?

    ‘21 FX4 Platinum PB came with Hankook Dynapro AT2 275/60R20
  8. Alphaequipt 17x8.5 Bronze Halo rims with P285/70r17 Baja Boss AT's

    Looks awesome and thank you for including the weight, I didn’t think it would have went down either!
  9. Lane Centering While Towing?

    Did a 1800 mile trip last month towing a travel trailer and lane centering works sort of… It induces trailer sway at times from constant small corrections (ping pong effect) and at other times there is no issues and I can use it for a while. Its really nice when it works.
  10. Add a leaf installs??

    Never added any extra leafs but I did add the Road Active Suspension aftermarket kit and love it. Helps with squat and subjective but I feel it helps with handling as well. May be a cheaper option than springs. Here’s a video on it
  11. Camera Calibration when upgrading side mirrors

    I found one with 90 degree lines and not angled but I don’t know if it matters. In my mind the same line(s) need to be picked by most or all the cameras to align them. So I would think straight lines would work better. Also I do know that Ford uses static calibration mats, so I would target...
  12. Camera Calibration when upgrading side mirrors

    A large parking lot with clear line, like a recently refinished parking lot. You have to drive straight at a low speed for the cameras to calibrate. I had to keep going forward and backing up since my parking lot I used was a bit small. Be patient, I had to do it a few times before it worked.
  13. Camera Calibration when upgrading side mirrors

    Awesome that this works with Forescan, I just installed the tow mirrors and the cameras were way off. I thought I found a good fresh parking lot but, I had to use a different one. It took three times before it actually calibrated the cameras. I am going to try and find a larger parking lot and...
  14. Who has the “lowest” payload?

    Yeah if I had to guess the lowest will have under seat storage tray, Max Recline Seats, CCD w/scales and a 6.5’ bed. Those are the only things my truck doesn’t have.
  15. Who has the “lowest” payload?

    Do I win🥇
  16. Any issues with tint?

    3M Crystalline tint all around, rear doors, rear windows, pano sunroof and windshield 70%. Front doors 40%. This is the second truck I have had this tint installed on. No issues with polarized glasses, haze, color issues or reflections, excellent heat rejection. Never had any fading either. I...
  17. Power-Up 4.2.2 Software with CarPlay Update!

    Just to add on, 07/2021 truck. Got 4.2.1 on the 26th and 4.2.2 on the 27th both OTA. Also here is the current sync info. Oh and I don’t remember seeing a “hands-free” expiration date before.
  18. Scratched door pillars w/ swirl marks

    I have them on my truck and the install is easy, I think easier than the screen protector. This was one of the first mods I did, I had a 2016 before this and I hated the swirl marks. Couldn’t be happier with these.
  19. Can anyone tell me what this is (part failure on axle)......?

    Well I just got the call I have the same issue, passenger rear, 21 PB, Job 1 truck (think May-June 21 Build date) ~16k miles at the time I first noticed the noise, ~18k miles at the time of service. Don’t judge me to harshly but I was busy lol. I didn’t have any wobble, only sounded like a...