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  1. We all drive race trucks! 0-60 Battle: 2024 3.5 EcoBoost vs. 5.0 F-150

    The quickest I ever got mine to the 0-60mph dash was 5.65sec (when stock) and that was in negative DA. To be fair, that was also with heavy 33s on all 4 corners, so not sure what it would have ran completely bone stock.
  2. Maverick TREMOR

    I like what they look like. Price? Not so much. I feel the same way about the Ranger Tremor.
  3. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    Tow rope and hitch. That's it.
  4. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    No reason to. Zero. My 22 only has 9700 miles. I have not even owned it for 2 years yet.
  5. Just picked up my 24!

    Picking this up during the worst time of the year in this area. Be safe.
  6. 2023 Tuning question

    You couldn't have said anything further from the truth. In multiple applications, tunes have been done by the aftermarket that drastically improved performance AND gas mileage.
  7. Black lug nuts that don't rust? Does it exist?

    Just a point I would like to make. If you mounted your wheels and have never taken them off, your lug nuts are less likely to rust. If you constantly are taking wheels on/off, you are obviously disrupting whatever paint and coating is on the wheel nuts and they are more apt to rust. That being...
  8. Anyone planning to try E85 in the 2024 5.0?

    Of course you can do anything you want, just don't break the engine and expect them to cover it. Yes, Ford does not use ethanol sensing sensors on the F150, it is strictly inferred. That's why it is highly discouraged to do a flex fuel tune on boost.
  9. Outlets not working

    No...I really haven't. Not really driven my truck for a couple weeks now so i will revisit when I get back in it.
  10. Turbos and Mufflers (and Bears, oh my!)

    Man...my Galant has a turbo and no muffler but is very very loud...lol. I definitely wouldn't consider a turbo as a sound suppressing device here.
  11. Stage 2 Whipple Engine Failure 2021 F150 5.0

    Everyone glossing at the fuel. I am sorry....but 12:1 CR with boost really needs octane. Had you been logging this truck at all?
  12. 2023 Tuning question

    Gotta pay to play fellas. If it's something that is proprietary to them, can't really blame them. Personally, if I am paying that much for an ECU AND a tune, you better not lock it...because you are getting into a standalone money territory.
  13. 5.0 Coyote fluttering sound

    Are you sure it's not cyl deactivation? Everyone perceives it differently. Try driving in sport mode and see whether the sound is there?
  14. 2023 Tuning question

    I would contact Livernois. If I am not wrong, they are the only ones tuning this truck year?
  15. New 24 BAP

    You can in Canada. Time to move??? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: 😭 Good looking BAP. I still think the XLT BAP looks the best for the 24s.
  16. My first tank of e85, wow

    From my experience, E85 leaves a very "clean" engine internally. You don't have your usual gum and coked oil deposits. That being said, your truck will have worse gas mileage and you need to double or even triple your oil change frequency simply because the oil dilution is higher. E85 by its...
  17. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    As long as it's not a false click, you should not be adding anymore after the first click.
  18. Blue Cruise Active During Deadly Crash in Texas

    Stupid ass people. I have seen it more times than I can count. Do not stop your vehicle in the middle of the road. Like seriously, use common sense, know when the vehicle is stalled and navigate your vehicle to the side of the road and turn your blinkers ON....and get OUT of the car IMMEDIATELY...
  19. Pinched valve cover gasket?

    It's probably just coked oil there. Source could be a mystery. As long as there are no active leaks, it's not of concern.
  20. Pinched valve cover gasket?

    As said, that is normal. Just did this to my Mustang a couple weeks ago.