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  1. Question about RoadActive Suspension on PowerBoost

    Hello Everyone, I'm curious if anyone has tried the RoadActive Suspension on their Powerboost yet? Is it worth it? Can you notice a difference? I'm pulling a 33' travel trailer with a GVWR of 7700 lbs and a tongue weight of 750 lbs not including the weight distribution hitch. My 23...
  2. 5.0 Engine blown up at just under 58k miles

    The 2021 model year is when cylinder deactivation was added to the 5.0L Coyote engine. I don't want to be all gloom and doom but it has only been a little over two years since cylinder deactivation was added. I do truly hope this is a one off and not a larger issue that will come up more often...
  3. A/C Blower is not functioning

    The dealership replaced the blower motor. Truck was in for a full day about 7 hours. I have attached the service report so you can see what was replaced.
  4. Air Conditioning quit working/ blowing

    Well you should change the name of the thread then. The title of the thread is exactly what happened to me. Good luck to you.
  5. Air Conditioning quit working/ blowing

    I have a 23 XLT Powerboost and my a/c would stop blowing air when idling. After the third time this happened I took in to the dealership. They replaced the blower motor. I have not had a problem ever since. I’ll attach my service report from the dealership for you guys to see.
  6. What tire came on your PowerBoost?

    2023 XLT Powerbooost - Hankook Dynapro AT2 275/60R20
  7. AC problem on f150 2022 powerboost

    Yes I had the same issue after the 3rd time it happened I took my Powerboost to the dealership. They replaced the blower motor and I haven’t had any problems since. Whoever Ford contracted to make the blower motors probably just let a bad batch through.
  8. MegaOhm Motorsports Backup Alarm Delete

    Completely agree with you, I'm not very computer savvy. So this plug and play option works best for me.
  9. A/C Blower Not Working

    It looks like it could be a wide spread issue I agree. The good thing is it's a simple fix for the dealership and you can get your truck back in a few hours granted they have the part in stock.
  10. A/C Blower Not Working

    Same thing happened to me. So after the 3rd time it happened I took it to the dealer and it was repaired in one day.
  11. MegaOhm Motorsports Backup Alarm Delete

    TSGarp007 get's it.
  12. MegaOhm Motorsports Backup Alarm Delete

    I installed the backup alarm delete from MegaOhm Motorsports to my 2023 F150 Powerboost. It is great! No more annoying back up alarm or sound when in electric drive moving forward. It was very easy to install you will be finished in 5-10 minutes. Also no check engine lights on the dash. 100%...
  13. New power boost owner

    You are going to love the Powerboost. The ProPower feature is a game changer, especially if you are going to be towing a travel trailer. Here is a photo of us at the Lake Elsinore boat ramp. 100 degrees outside and we had the a/c going keeping the inside nice and cool.
  14. A/C Blower Not Working

    Got my truck back they replaced the blower motor control module and the blower motor. I let it idle for 30 minutes with the a/c running and no loss of air flow.
  15. A/C Blower Not Working

    Hello Powerboost Owners, So my a/c stops blowing out any air after an extended idle. It did it twice in the past two months so I finally took it this morning to the dealership. So a little background on my truck I purchased it back in May 2023 and I'm at 2900 miles currently. No other issues so...
  16. A/C Blower is not functioning

    Yeah, I tried it again this morning with no issues so I did end up canceling my appointment. Just a glitch. Other than this one issue the truck has been great. I’m waiting to get 1,000 miles on the engine before I hook it up to our travel trailer.
  17. A/C Blower is not functioning

    Yes it has been working properly no issues until today. I have not used the auto button yet I have-only controlled fan speed with the up/down switch. I turned off the truck and returned an hour later and everything is working fine. I guess it was some kind of a glitch.
  18. A/C Blower is not functioning

    Yes, I did that and so far everything is back to normal. We had parked in a shopping center and our two year old was asleep in the back so I stayed in the truck with her while mom went shopping. We were sitting there for about 30 minutes as the truck ran on battery then idled a bit to recharge...
  19. A/C Blower is not functioning

    Hello, I own a 2023 Powerboost XLT with 600 miles on it. Recently the a/c blower stopped blowing air out as it should. I turn the air all the way up to high (7) and it’s as though it is staying in low (1). We really felt it today which was a hot day. I’m going to make an appointment and take...
  20. Cylinder Deactivation Issues for 2021 F-150, anyone?

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there with a high mileage 2021 F-150 has had any cylinder deactivation issues? Honestly, it’s the only piece of technology that worries me about the 5.0 coyote. I have read horror stories about GM’s 5.3L v8 with cylinder deactivation issues becoming...