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  1. OTA update wiped tune

    Whipple replied: 2021-2023 F150 5.0 trucks with Whipple Tomahawk tunes will not get any over the air pcm updates with our calibration loaded . Thank you, Whipple Support
  2. OTA update wiped tune

    Disable the truck WiFi connection?
  3. OTA update wiped tune

    Oh bother.... never a dull moment with all this technology 🤦‍♂️ I just checked my truck (FP/Whipple installed with their tune) and I see the 23-PU1009-SS-NS PCM update. The status says updates have been made, but also says the update failed. I disabled OTA and sent Whipple an email asking. My...
  4. Michelin Defender LTX M/S 2 vs ?

    Hey, I noticed no difference in MPG. IIRC they weighed about the same as my OEM tires, acceleration, cornering, braking, etc. I noticed no differences… I had a set before the Conti’s actually. The set I had didn’t have rim protection. My wheels looked odd, they sat on the surface of the tire...
  5. Michelin Defender LTX M/S 2 vs ?

    I went with these in 275/60/20... Continental TerrainContact A/T I don't need the 3 snowflake rating, but reviewer research says they are very good in all conditions, including snow. I did take a road trip for a week to Ruidoso, NM in Feb. and hit 3-6" snow conditions and patchy ice . The truck...
  6. Roush Tune Update Available

    Man…. Glad they stepped up to fix it…. I hope that new tune corrects what ever caused it to happen…
  7. Stage 2 Whipple Engine Failure 2021 F150 5.0

    Yeah but it doesn’t sound Ford tough 🤪
  8. Stage 2 Whipple Engine Failure 2021 F150 5.0

    This is interesting.... I wonder if there is something to this.... I know the Stage 1 and Stage 2 raise the limiter (not much) beyond the factory setting. The Ford Performance package (a Stage 1 with a different tune) keeps the factory limiter... I believe the Stage 2 limiter is 7100 RPM, but I...
  9. Stage 2 Whipple Engine Failure 2021 F150 5.0

    The Stage 2 doesn't have a warranty. The $300 or 600 (now $800) is only offered on the Stage 1. Basically Whipple stepped up and helped….
  10. Roush Tune Update Available

    Me either.... I'll take a look into it more to see what's possible. I know there are many variables, but like you said, another data point....
  11. Roush Tune Update Available

    Interesting on the A/F changes with the new tune. Can I ask how you measure A/F? I'm curious what the Whipple tune is doing now and then compare the two....
  12. 2021 V8 Oil Capacity

    I also put in 7.5 quarts mainly so I can use the other 1/2 quart for the next oil change. Like you said, it's right at the full mark on the stick....
  13. Stuck in park. How to release for towing

    Here’s a video, although it might only be one step needed for a PB model it sounds like… strange they are different than non-PB….. Put transmission in neutral manually
  14. 2023 5.0 tune

    You can find power gains on their site and YT videos showing dyno runs. Honestly, for me, 3K RPM or less, where I normally drive, snappy throttle response is about all I noticed. The improvements are in the higher RPM range. Which even in stock form is where the 5.0 achieves max HP and TQ. I...
  15. 2023 5.0 tune

    I was running Livernois tuning on my 5.0 for a while. As far as the most effective one to buy depends on your feeling about the tuners. Livernois and OZ seem to be favorites, but there are others. I went with Livernois primarily because they were one of the first, if not the first to break the...
  16. First Oil Change Mileage?

    I didn't mean to distract from the OP's original post. By runny I mean very very thin. It even goes in thin nowadays. I think @Dale B said it best. I change every 5K miles figuring it's ~1/2 of the extended oil change theory. I'm sure the EOC followers say it's waisting oil, I just don't...
  17. First Oil Change Mileage?

    I keep reading the 5.0 has itsy bitsy tiny little narrow oil passages and how how important “runny” oil is… When I drain mine it resembles water it’s so runny… perhaps that’s the nature of synthetic oils, I’m not sure… I hope that’s good…
  18. 10R80 Transmission Teardown

    Great video.... I'm good at taking things apart.... but I'm getting hives just thinking about putting it back together 🤔
  19. New Whipple kits for F-150 are discounted 15% for a few days

    Yep. You can buy the kit and have Ford or any ASE certified technician install it. The Ford Performance kit includes the warrantee. The Whipple Stage 1 kit offers the warrantee as an add on.