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  1. Axle Bolt Sheared

    Family Ford, Enfield CT. I've been bringing them donuts most every time I go in for service lol. I guess it finally paid off!
  2. Axle Bolt Sheared

    Just had mine replaced on Tuesday. Both sides, axles and hub assemblies. Luckily the dealer got the parts in same day.
  3. Using USB thumbdrive for playlists without playing in alphabetical order

    Ditto @Buyer2021 . Mine plays albums in order if organized in folders Artist>Album> #Song. It's a terrible USB system though. You can't even select or scroll through them with the screen while moving (apparently operating other apps by touch is perfectly safe though lol). No choice but to use...
  4. Lots of B Pillar marks from seatbelt!

    My 2021 definitely does. It also has dog scratches on the rear door handles, and a few paint scratches from hauling yard debris. Plus I got hit from behind and need a new rear bumper. And the driver's door mirror has cracks in the housing and turn signal lens.
  5. Unable to back up if driver door isn't completely closed..

    Stay buckled or shift into reverse after opening the door. Either way works.
  6. Any factory sunroof issues -- leaks, noise, motor, anything?

    No problems with mine. 2021 Job 1 (1/21 build).
  7. Archaic tail lights, anyone running them?

    Do any of the OEM halogen with BLIS also have yellow blinkers?
  8. Archaic tail lights, anyone running them?

    No BLIS unfortunately. Good design though, very visible to other motorists, peds and cyclists. OEM halogen stupidly are all red instead of yellow blinkers.
  9. Running board questions

    Easy but you do need PayPal. You want a seller with good reviews. I bought from this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/203885642560
  10. Running board questions

    Mine (exact same) tore off too, not sure how. There's one bolt. Picture shows part number. I found a replacement for about $6 on ebay including the bolt and clip.
  11. Recirculation won’t stay on - keeps turning randomly off!

    I tried a fancy Bosch one with similar hopes. Unfortunately it reduced the airflow and caused mold, so I went back to OEM.
  12. Truck honks when keys are taken out when car is on.

    Autostop Eliminator. Worth every penny. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/products/2021-ford-f-150-autostop-eliminator?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAhJWsBhAaEiwAmrNyq5vl0coz5NPhp8DbZjMU_ynZI8xWPtuy7826EyWQQGUf_XhSXpevUhoCkIEQAvD_BwE
  13. Front Recovery Hooks

    Same here
  14. Are Cylinder Deactivation deletes a thing yet?

    I'm surprised to hear they are still using pushrods at all! Wow. That's ancient tech.
  15. Disable "Nanny" Warnings - Forscan?

    That's weird. I disabled mine when I bought the truck in 2021 and it has never come back on.