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  1. Cluster swap

    Do you get any measurements (besides voltage) that aren't available in the regular F150 cluster?
  2. Exhaust Resonator (Pre-muffler) Rattle

    Thanks for doing that. I was hoping it'd be a bit more weight, but the res is probably very empty.
  3. Exhaust Resonator (Pre-muffler) Rattle

    @SALEEN961 @B-real did either of you happen to weigh the factory resonator when taking it off, or the FF replacement?
  4. 2024 Instrument Cluster

    In the 24s it seemed like the drive modes are restricted by package. So you wouldn't get the Off-Road mode without the FX4, and the Tow mode you don't get without the Tow Package. That's what's in those two images above. Do you have either of those packages?
  5. Multiple Angry Birds Blow off Chirps.

    I'm saying that the bypass valve will be venting pressure all the time, as the turbo is pressurizing air all the time (not literally, but in most acceleration events, no matter how light you have the throttle). I wasn't referring to a vacuum line, as the bypass valve is electronically...
  6. Multiple Angry Birds Blow off Chirps.

    Why do you think there's a leak? The bypass valve will actuate under a lot of light throttle conditions as the turbo would still be making pressure in the intake tract even if it's not higher than the engine vacuum. You want less noise but went with a blow-off valve?
  7. 4% Under Invoice on any 2024 F-150 Order at Granger Ford

    I just saw it was moving straight for them with a touchdown just southwest of Des Moines. Hopefully @Granger Ford will check in when it's safe.
  8. Auto Resume vs. Stopped - why does one show up sometimes versus the other?

    Except it also works when just using Adaptive Cruise, because I don't have BC and I get this function. The manual doesn't mention BlueCruise specifically. It says: Limited Access Highway is just a Freeway. Since it says CAN remain, which to me means there is some situations where it may...
  9. Ford cutting workforce at F-150 Lightning plant in Dearborn

    I've seen at least 3 F150 owners (I think 1 Lightning and 2 ICE) that got their LN report and had 0 driving information from Ford on it (full data sharing enabled, not on usage based insurance).
  10. Powerboost Rock Sliders

    The RCI uses existing holes and fastener points. The White Knuckle clamps around the frame. The Rocky Road use the factory step studs.
  11. Powerboost Rock Sliders

    For their F150 application they are not. They used to have pics of the sliders uninstalled, but they recently updated their website from the previous Y2K aesthetic. Also from this forum, DHBPhoto showing the install.
  12. Powerboost Rock Sliders

    Rocky Road sliders attach to the factory step mounts at the body seam under the doors. I'm not sure there is much different there on a PB truck. Maybe instead of a drive you can be assured with some measurements and making sure any PB specific junk isn't mounted out that far. White Knuckle...
  13. Icon 21-23 FORD F150 4WD 3.5-4.5" STAGE 1 -- installed photos

    Exactly. Axles can only go to center of wheel, so at any give ride height the CV axle has to be the same on any truck. The Icon knuckle copies the Tremor knuckle, which just raises the Steering Tie Rod location and the Upper Ball Joint location (to set those angles back closer to stock)...
  14. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Oh what the heck 🤬, I pasted the wrong VIN in the last time on this thread. That's what I get for being lazy. Sorry. Mine is actually 1FTFW1E85NFB10172. Thank you, again.
  15. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    1FTEW1E83PFA05452 Would like to see where my truck is at. Rear sensor tones were coming out of the dash recently, then this am the IPC was reset to the menu and the rear sensor tones are back to coming out of the rear speaker(s). Thanks!
  16. Highest Supercharged Mileage

    Do the high-boost tuned EB trucks have the same issue?
  17. Anyone disassemble a grinding EIWE?

    If you don't have them, knowing your build date will be another piece in the puzzle. The huge 36 mm axle nut on the front like a FWD car is also a dead giveaway. IWE axles have that small nut that's like an M12 thread.
  18. Anyone disassemble a grinding EIWE?

    21s had them, 22+ do not. Not yet determined if it was a late 21, early 22, or hard year change.
  19. Gauge Cluster

    It should show up like this when navigating from any screen. It does for me.
  20. Trail Turn Assist

    Does it have to be on a 145" wheelbase, or could it work on a 157"? Are the modules different?