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  1. Tinted the new 24 today

    15% on the front windows. Looks way better.
  2. Just picked up my 24!

    Just picked up my 24 lariat powerboost from Granger! Did most things over the phone and email.. flew in this morning and signed paperwork and driving it back home. Love this thing already!
  3. Tracking question.... i have a convoy #

    After checking with ford about my trucks location this morning I have a convoy # It shipped 4/17 and the convoy # appeared today. Does that mean it's off the train in KS and hopefully a few hours away from @granger ? I'm getting impatient.
  4. Truck built today.

    My truck was built today 4/8 and awaiting shipping. Ford chat says delivery estimated for 5/2 to granger ford.
  5. In production a week early!?

    Got bored and checked the status of my truck scheduled for 4/1 build week.
  6. My 24 Lariat finally has a VIN.

    Ordered 1/24/24 scheduled for the week of 4/1/24. Let's see how this plays out in reality.
  7. Just ordered my 24 F150 Lariat

    Ordered my 24 f150 Lariat from Chip at granger ford yesterday. A few e mails, sent the deposit and the truck was ordered. Ford confirmed the order about an hour later. I ordered a 24 Lariat high package, black appearance package, powerboost engine. Msrp was 75360 before ford discounts and...
  8. Am i crazy?

    I have had my 21 f150 for 9 months now and 18000 miles. Lots of boat towing. Well I sold the boat and don't necessarily need a truck anymore. I've had a truck for the last 10 years and kinda miss having a car. Went to the BMW dealership and ordered a 2022 M340i x drive. Should be built and...
  9. Must haves when you bought your truck

    What were everyone's "must haves" when they bought their truck? I got mine off the lot and mine were crew cab, 3.5 engine, 4x4 and center console. I hate the flip down seat in the front. Color I could have not cared about as much but found my velocity blue which I wanted the most. Lets hear them!
  10. Programming new key and fob

    Does anyone know how to program a new key fob/key? I finally got a key made after losing one of mine two days after buying the truck in January. (My dealership finally got the new machine to make 21 inside laser cut keys) I've tried instructions I've found online by turning the key to run 8...
  11. N-Fab RS steps installed

    Just installed the N-fab RS steps (315418512) on my truck. Easy install about 30 mins. They look great.
  12. STX Leveled (ReadyLift 2") with 34.5 BFG T/A KO2 (285/65/20)

    Got the ready lift 2 inch level kit and 285/65/20 BFG T/A ko2 installed yesterday. JLT Oil separator going on this afternoon. After and before pics.
  13. Finally going to tow with the new truck

    Finally got some good weather to go fishing tomorrow. Coming from a 19 F-250 6.2L to the new eco boost 3.5. Going to be interesting to see the towing differences/ similarities between the two.
  14. Stock speaker size?

    Does anyone know the sizes of the stock speakers in the front and rear doors for the 21 f150? I usually order from crutchfield but they don't have it listed yet.
  15. Calibrating compass for the 21

    Does anyone know how to calibrate the compass on a 2021 F1 50 with an 8 inch screen? apparently since I've had mine for four days I've been going north the entire time and I cannot find any settings to calibrate it
  16. Don't lose the key to your 2021!!

    Long story short one of my keys to my 3 day old 2021 F-150 are at the bottom of a lake (flew off my boat at 40 MPH) Dealership cant make a new one because it an inside laser cut key and they cant get a replacement from fords supplier Rotunda yet. Even a local key maker with 35+ years of...