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  1. Got some new RTR Evo 6 Wheels 20x9 +18mm - cool and functional

    yes I did weigh them: 30.4 pounds for a 20" RTR wheel -- they also sell these in bronze...
  2. Suma Mirrors | ⚡Reduce Blind Spots & Glare⚡ 👀

    https://www.sumaperformance.com/collections/ford/products/21-f150-14th-gen-ford-raptor-3nd-gen?variant=43838400692460 These are not in stock, can you post here when they are back in stock?
  3. My RCSB race truck project build

    Very cool, even better that it looks like you did this yourself. I installed a ported lower intake on my 4.6 32v Marauder years ago. Kinda scary to see the open intake ports, once it's opened up. I also did a 'rear head cooling mod' as #7 was a dead end for coolant on that engine.....
  4. Got some new RTR Evo 6 Wheels 20x9 +18mm - cool and functional

    Yes Carbon Grey, I wanted the lead foot paint..
  5. My RCSB race truck project build

    Love it - looks plain jane! SLEEPER! Have you made anyone a 'believer' on the way to work! I too love that it's N/A. I want to take mine to the drags this spring. Can you post a pic of the intake? Nice setup!
  6. UPDATED! 2024 XL RCSB Full Paint Match, leveling kit, wheels/tires etc etc

    Looks good! (I'm partial to carbon grey) I do have the 'sport appearance package' I understand you have to get the BAP package to get it all the same for 2024+ . Are you going to change the wheels? Will this be a sleeper truck?
  7. Got some new RTR Evo 6 Wheels 20x9 +18mm - cool and functional

    Hey thanks. These are $350 each for the 20" Less for the 18". The wheels I got are actually the RTR Evo 6 F-150 Wheel, the title I posted is wrong. Post a pic if you get some. Nice looking tremor!
  8. Got some new RTR Evo 6 Wheels 20x9 +18mm - cool and functional

    Save 5% at RTR - https://www.rtrvehicles.com/a/rewards/r/c0159430
  9. Got some new RTR Evo 6 Wheels 20x9 +18mm - cool and functional

    Well these RTR wheels are finally back in stock so I got them! You have to use their lugs (black low profile) and they are gorilla keyed so they will send you the socket to go with the lugs. I love it that these are FORD ONLY so you won't see these on other truck brands. These are 20"x9 with...
  10. Suma Mirrors | ⚡Reduce Blind Spots & Glare⚡ 👀

    Interested -- does this work with 2021 LED equipped side mirror flood lamps? There is an extra bulb behind the mirror..
  11. 2024 Lariat at Dealer (Agate Black)

    Agree - it's like I went to autozone and bought the chrome plastic stick-ons for the: door handles, mirrors etc. ugg. and its a lot of money for a lot of fluff, bluecruise, lanekeep etc. Strange they don't post the window sticker so you can really see what it has. What differential, what gas tank?
  12. Factory catalytic converter protection

    Nice choice! Post a picture!
  13. Transmission and Temp Gauges

    I tucked the cable into the edge coming up - didn't RTV the cable, I was going to put a tiny dab of RTV to keep the only exposed cable tight but it's barely noticeable in the corner, I made the color green on the SG2 and have Trans temp, Water temp, Air intake temp, and volts. Touch each corner...
  14. Thoughts on cat backs. Sound over function? Any before and after dynos?

    Average horsepower gains are (Gibson) 10-15 and 15-20lb-ft of increase. There are many dynos done that show gains of power for the 5.0 when a cat back is installed. Mandrel bends are the big thing that a good aftermarket exhaust has that a stock one does not. All of you that say it's just sound...
  15. Transmission and Temp Gauges

    Just saw this. I can post 1 tonight - did you already mount it?
  16. Factory catalytic converter protection

    https://talonsgarage.com/products/ford-f150-expedition-skid-plate-catalytic-converter-shield-2009-2023 They do sell aluminum ones that will never rust. Cost as much as you have spent. Bonus: comes with a way to get to oil plug without taking the whole thing off. Bonus 2: Anti-cat theft.
  17. Transmission and Temp Gauges

    I have the scangauge 2 - https://www.scangauge.com/products/scangauge-ii/ As I have an XLT without the digital display in the drivers cluster. Added TT via X-gauge. I have: water temp, trans temp, air intake temp, and volts on mine. Sometimes I toggle 1 to show MPH as its easier to see...
  18. 2022 F-150 Blown 5.0L Coyote Engine Complete Teardown Video

    I absolutely loved my 2003 300A Mercury Marauder - 44cc 32v heads - 4.6 N/A Aluminator. 4400lbs - 0-60 under 5 - 13.7 @99 1/4 - what a great engine. The last of the great v8 rwd American full size sedan.
  19. 2022 F-150 Blown 5.0L Coyote Engine Complete Teardown Video

    Nice to know you could drop this crate engine in: M-6007-M52SC - $29,000 ;) https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6007-M52SC Ford Performance all-new 5.2L Supercharged intercooled engine from the 2020+ GT500. Factory rated at 760 hp...