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  1. Strange message today.

    I don't recall a drivers door ajar message, but I will remember this if it happens again.
  2. Phantom update notification.

    I know one of the last few OTA's was supposed to fix the Phantom Update message, and it did stop them for a while on my truck, but they are back and as annoying as ever. Is anyone else getting these phantom update messages? Thanks.
  3. Strange message today.

    This morning my wife and I stopped and did some quick shopping after driving about 4 miles from home. Came out of the store , got into the truck and started it up. Scrolled thru all the messages from the trailer hook up, no reverse brake assist, blah , blah, blah. We have our bike rack on with...
  4. What is this?? Spots on cab corners

    It looks like this is the only place on the truck that is affected? You can feel the spots, it's not like they are under the clear coat and something is pushing out thru the paint from underneath? Try a little acetone or lacquer thinner on a rag, not too much, let it soak for a minute and then...
  5. Wheel Bearing Question

    I got it. Abs sensor or the tone ring is bad and they are integral to the assembly. Thanks.
  6. Wheel Bearing Question

    That's not a lot of miles to need a wheel bearing. I'm not being rude, but you are sure the bearing is bad. Unless a bearing has been abused with a lot of off road, water crossings, bigger or more offset rims that strain the bearing, they usually go further than this.
  7. Wheel Bearing Question

    I would check with a dealer as these items can be vin specific especially if you are showing 2 different Ford part numbers. I also wouldn't trust google. How many miles do you have that you need a bearing replacement already?
  8. We all drive race trucks! 0-60 Battle: 2024 3.5 EcoBoost vs. 5.0 F-150

    This is a good deal. The reason I asked about changing both is not too many people with 4wd realize that you need to change both gear sets for everything to work properly.
  9. Second battery has failed - Ford BMS is crap

    I ran a Napa store for years and I sold a lot of batteries. A typical lead acid battery doesn't mind sitting on a shelf if it is put up with a full charge . It will typically last a good 12 -15 months and only need a good deep charge to bring it to 100%. But if a battery was left in a vehicle...
  10. Second battery has failed - Ford BMS is crap

    Well ladies and gentlemen, there's your problem! If that is truly the case, then he ruined his own battery.
  11. Second battery has failed - Ford BMS is crap

    My 21 Job 1 Platinum came with an H6 from the factory.
  12. We all drive race trucks! 0-60 Battle: 2024 3.5 EcoBoost vs. 5.0 F-150

    Are you replacing both front and rear gear sets? Whose ring and pinion gears are you using?
  13. Best seat covers for heated seats? Recommendations?

    Make sure any seat cover you buy is compatible with the air bags contained within your seat.
  14. Faded Paint Splotch Atlas Blue 2022

    If it truly is under the clearcoat, then the only way to correct this will be to repaint the bedside. It maybe a factory defect in the coating that is spreading. Check your warranty coverage, at one time 12 months was the time limit for paint defects. A good body shop can color match and respray...
  15. Swap tailgate (with step) for one without a step?

    I have the step and I use it all the time. I'm getting too old to be jumping up into the bed anymore and the trucks just keep getting taller.
  16. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    A small 2 1/2 lb BC dry chemical. Yes, it fits under the rear seat. I had optioned the lockable fold flat storage when I ordered the truck . I should put some sort of small med kit in there as well as both of us are former EMT's.
  17. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    Geez, some of you guys are loaded for bear. Other than a folding knife and led light in the glovebox, I have some gloves , a few ratchet straps, a folding army shovel, a 24 in breaker bar with the correct socket for the wheels, and a Fire Extinguisher under the rear seat along with the ball...
  18. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    I have a pretty much problem free 21 Job 1 truck, I'm not rocking the boat or opening up a can of worms by trading for an unknown.
  19. Battery ready to replace after three years..?

    I too am retired with a 21 and an H6 OEM battery. My truck gets used enough, but I invested in a noco Genius 10 maintainer/charger and the truck sits on charge about once a week. I worked for Napa and I am partial to their batteries, but many on the forum have used Walmart ever start batteries...