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  1. Love, Hate, Love…

    Replaced it with a 23 Mazda CX 5 Turbo. It kills me to say this but the quality difference is like night and day. I’m getting a 2016 f150 handed down because the old man can’t drive anymore. It’s always been a hunting truck so it’s got some scars, but it will serve its purpose as a truck. I am...
  2. Love, Hate, Love…

    I finally punted with my 21 PB Lariat. It’s getting traded today, and I honestly feel a big sense of relief. Had I kept it, I would be making trip 14 to the dealership to look at the rear brakes locking up prematurely. It was already skidding on wet pavement, and with our first snow, it was...
  3. Mileage drop after software update

    I had the same thing happen after tranny bucking update with my 21 Lariat PB. Prior to that I had 23 MPG for the life of truck, somewhere in the 18k miles range. No more bucking at all, to which I am very happy about. However, my daily commute that was in the 25/26 mpg range has dropped to...
  4. Holy Horsepower!

    Yes it did. It also resulted in a little les mpg. I am not sure how much the cold is contributing as well, but it has gone down a little. To the other poster, no I have not towed anything with it yet. I will be in the near future, but a very good point nonetheless.
  5. 7.2KW generator not able to handle a circular saw

    There has to be something screwy going on. I only have the 2.4 in my 21 Lariat PB and I’ve never had issues with any of my power tools. I’ve run Dewalt compound miter, table saw, etc and I’ve not once even tripped the breaker. Hopefully you can get this resolved. Good luck.
  6. Holy Horsepower!

    Actually I only use Costco top tier 93 octane. The 23 mpg is for the life of the truck which includes last winter. It will definitely decrease as it already has. 21-23 is more typical when it is cold. In the Summer I’m getting 24-26 on my daily commute which is about 40 miles total per day.
  7. Holy Horsepower!

    Reset them that is.
  8. Holy Horsepower!

    Technical service bulletin. It was to address the bucking while going uphill. They reprogrammed the tranny and set the “learning” tables.
  9. Holy Horsepower!

    Agreed! HolyHP just rolled off the tongue better
  10. Holy Horsepower!

    For most of my daily driving with my 21 Lariat PB, I pretty much go with the flow, and try maximize my MPG. However my need for speed sometimes overcomes my practicality. Yesterday was one of those moments. For the first time in quite a while, I popped it into sport and laid right into it! Hang...
  11. 2023 F-150 Build & Price is Up!!

    All of this makes my 21 PB Lariat 502A with copilot 360, Unleashed, sun roof, power tailgate with steps, 2.4 Propower,etc. an absolute steal for 64K! I feel like the value has only gone up with all of the price increases and option deletes. My truck just can’t be had anymore. this was...
  12. F-150 Powerboost tires wearing fast

    Hankooks are the worst! The only tires that I took off of a brand new vehicle were two of my previous F150s. Both my 2018 and 2020 had them. I switched to Michelin Defenders and it was look a whole new driving/handling experience. My 21 PB Lariat has 20” Pirelli Scorpions and at 20k miles , they...
  13. Who else looks back...

    if I’m putzing around the yard, I sometimes open and close the door as I am walking by so that I can watch the lights as I am a walking away from it to my deck. I probably need help, but I’m still in denial. :)
  14. Question about Electric Motor Sound (not the Pedestrian Alert Speaker)

    I have an electric motor whine that is definitely louder than when I bought the truck. I have finally worked through all of the quirks, recalls, and other defects, and the truck itself has never run better. However I am stuck with this loud embarrassing whining sound that I have to drown out so...
  15. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    Any ideas on what the increase will be in October? I thought I read here somewhere that they are going up on 10/4. I have been debating getting one, but would rather wait until I am closer to the end of my 3/36 mfg warranty. But if it is going to be a big jump, I will bite the bullet now.
  16. No WiFi Hot Spot-Dead Modem?

    Thanks bud! I forgot about that one. I will give it a go later today.
  17. No WiFi Hot Spot-Dead Modem?

    I forget how the master reset is done. Don’t you hold down the > button and something else at the same time?
  18. No WiFi Hot Spot-Dead Modem?

    I just recently upped my AT&T plan for 6 months and have confirmed with AT&T that my account is active, and nothing on their end shows an issue. I am wondering if one of these OTA updates may have disabled something. I’m at a loss. I’m in a 21 PB Lariat Job 1, and I have the most recent updates...
  19. Powerboost whistle?

    My “whine” on my 21 PB Lariat has been deemed a “characteristic” of the PB. I just brought it in last week for this and shudder. While I am pleased that the shudder is gone, I am not buying that the obnoxious whine is normal, especially when it wasn’t there when the truck was brand new. This is...
  20. KR Leather Steering Wheel Peeling

    Try getting the latest TSB for shudder installed at your dealership. I have almost 19k on my 21 PB Lariat and it cleared it up completely. In fact this thing has never run and shifted better, even when brand new.