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  1. 24-PU0121-FTDI-FX update -- BMS correction?

    Well, without hooking my NOCO charger up, my 12V battery SOC is currently at 86% and my hybrid battery at 63%, hopefully that will be enough to install this update overnight, it says it's only a 12-minute update, crossing my fingers.....!
  2. 24-PU0121-FTDI-FX update -- BMS correction?

    @HammaMan , @Samson16 , I'm excited to get this update, mine is scheduled for tomorrow morning! Does this update appear to do away with the need to keep air conditioner fan on 5 or above for 12v charging?
  3. ARE CX REVO Truck Cap Questions and Highway Performance

    Hi all, I've decided that I would like to add a truck cap to my 2022 Lariat Powerboost. I've never owned a truck with a bed cap, so please bear with my rookie questions! I like the ARE CX REVO model, and through my searches seems like at least a few members have this model or something...
  4. Ford Pass - cannot upload service receipt pictures

    I noticed that when I log into the web site: Service History (ford.com) And look at my Vehicle Dashboard --> Service History I get a warning up at the top that says "Limited View", because "According to Ford records, you are not the owner of this vehicle.....If you are the owner please...
  5. Ford Pass - cannot upload service receipt pictures

    @SRMD Yes, I am having the same issue and getting the same “ Your receipt did not upload. Please try again later.” message when I try to add a receipt image from my iPhone Photos library. So frustrating! Did you find a way to upload your receipts?
  6. Multiple trips to the dealership with issues unresolved...

    Sounds like it may be time to try another dealer?
  7. So this happened earlier today (hood popped open)

    I agree, WTF! I smell another recall coming!
  8. Wiper Blades Recommendation?

    @crazywayne311 If you have a smartphone with the FordPass app installed, a maintenance plan might possibly be listed under Service-->Warranty-->Ford Protect Extended Service Plans? (assuming if you purchased a maintenance plan, it was purchased from Ford/Ford Protect). I don't have a...
  9. Wiper Blades Recommendation?

    I guess I didn't think about wiper blades being a warranty item.....but you're right! Thanks.
  10. Wiper Blades Recommendation?

    Thanks, I look for them next time I'm at Costco!
  11. Wiper Blades Recommendation?

    Well I've made it to almost 15,000 miles on my 2022 Lariat PowerBoost, but I noticed today that my original wiper blade on passenger side has split. Need to purchase a new set of wiper blades for my truck. My previous F-150 was a 2003, so things have changed quite a bit! Wanted to ask for...
  12. FordPass App can’t upload service receipt

    Thanks, I appreciate the reply, I'll give it another try tomorrow!
  13. FordPass App can’t upload service receipt

    @TruckGuy2020 Sorry to dig up this old thread, looks like you're still an active member, I did a search and this is the only thread I found on this topic..... I am having this same issue when using the FordPass app on my somewhat older Apple iPhone XR (12th generation). This is what I'm...
  14. Powerboost engine oil?

    Thanks! I changed my oil today and stayed with Mobil 1 Extended Performance full synthetic and the Motorcraft FL-500S filter, but I am curious about the Motorcraft full synthetic and will look into it more, it doesn't appear to be available in 5 quart jugs however, that's kind of a bummer. Thanks.
  15. Powerboost engine oil?

    @Samson16 Would you mind sharing the full web site name for what you posted above? The beginning is cut off. Looks like ".....lsandlubricants.com". Do you purchase the full synthetic Motorcraft oil from that site? Good prices? Thanks.
  16. Oil Life indicator

    I don't think the oil life indicator knows what oil you are running (i.e. that you are running a premium full synthetic 25,000 mile oil). I would think it bases it calculations assuming the oil in the engine is the semi-synthetic Motorcraft oil that is specified in your owners manual. I...
  17. PB Can't Jumpstart when your 12V Battery Goes Bad

    @mxwrk I believe member "turbopilot" has had success maintaining his 2023 Powerboost battery at a high state of charge (90%+) using a 2 amp trickle charger (not sure what brand/model). Of course the Genius2 should have a longer charging time than say the Genius5, but if you have 2-3 days to...
  18. Payload comparison

    My 2022 Lariat 502a PowerBoost is only rear wheel/2 wheel drive and non-FX4, so my payload sticker actually says 1744 lbs, so I guess I have that going for me! I added a Retrax XR bed cover (will need to figure in the weight of that) and WeatherTech FloorLiner HP floor mats, but otherwise is stock.