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    For those that think I show up just to bash Ford, I was loyal for many years. A couple I owned in the 80's. Unfortunately, Ford lost their way.
  2. Enclosed Car Hauler recommendations with 21 F150 3.5 eco

    Sure a diesel is the best choice for anyone that tows alot. My long haul towing was only 3-4 times a year which is why I went to the Ecoboost after this Cummins. Same trailer in the previous picture.
  3. Enclosed Car Hauler recommendations with 21 F150 3.5 eco

    No issues getting my old 2016 Ecoboost up to speed entering the interstates. My long trips were up I-75 from Florida towards Kentucky and Michigan. No big mountains but hilly in nothern GA through Kentucky. I always bought a V-nose trailer.
  4. Enclosed Car Hauler recommendations with 21 F150 3.5 eco

    Towed a 24' enclosed with my 3.5l King Ranch. A few trips from Florida to Michigan and Kentucky. I was going to put cabinets in the nose of the 24 footer. Never did and down sized to a 20 footer.
  5. Why is Ford pushing BAP?

    Good to hear from you! Yeah the ole heap is still plugging along.
  6. Why is Ford pushing BAP?

    They are pushing black out because they lost their plastic chrome plating source a couple of years ago (epa shutdown). They probably can't get higher production #'s. Plus, yep it's cheaper. That's my theory.
  7. Vinyl Stickers on back glass

    I've never had outside decals start to peel. Always white so no fade. Window tint can bubble from rear defrosters. That I see all the time.
  8. If I had to see this, so do you. 5G Ranger with big ol' rimzz

    I've seen worse. I had a lifted Ranger back in the 80's with 33's which was pretty controversial back then.
  9. 2024 F150 King Ranch Pictures from Houston Auto Show

    I think the King Ranch lost its "look". Might as well be a Limited.
  10. Road in a 2023 GMC Sierra- way better than prior years

    I saw your post... I'm sure he's an extremely reliable unbiased source. There are no threads about failed fuel pumps or long term parking on either of the GM truck forums I'm on. First I've heard of issues was on a Ford forum... There are some threads on fuel pumps on older gens like 2001 -...
  11. Road in a 2023 GMC Sierra- way better than prior years

    Yep, winter sucks canal water. And no beater. The truck is the "beater". Being retired I don't have to drive on the bad weather days and I wait for the roads to dry out before doing my running around.
  12. Road in a 2023 GMC Sierra- way better than prior years

    Here's a couple of mine.
  13. Car Wash drive thru or at home?

    You might have made a prototype of something you could sell. I like it. EDIT - Hello Shark Tank?
  14. Road in a 2023 GMC Sierra- way better than prior years

    Ok, didn't want to start another thread. I'm now a year into owning the 2023 GMC 1500 Sierra Denali Ultimate 4X4. I'm still happy with the decision to buy it. No squeaks or rattles. I've only had it back to the dealer for the complimentary oil change. I really like the interior layout, fit and...
  15. Bought ‘23 Platinum PB with no sunroof

    The last 2 F150's had the panoroof. I thought I was going to miss the big roof as the GMC has the "normal" sunroof and I'm really happy with it. The sunshade is always open because it's just the right size. The panoroof was too big and let too much sunlight in with the shade half way back. I...
  16. Powerboost or not

    They are fine as long as they don't breakdown. If anything powertrain related craps out, I feel sorry for you. Ford has produced something that, for whatever the reason is, the dealers can't seem to fix. 3.5l Ecoboost would be my engine choice now. I could still be in a Ford, IF, they could have...
  17. How would you level your truck on stock tires with aftermarket wheels?

    None of the above. I'd just use drop shackles in the rear. Actually did that with 3 trucks in my past. Inexpensive DIY.
  18. Pup and the "new" truck...

    I just lay a towel on the seat bottom. I can't use full seat covers as I often have my MIL in the back seat, too.. I've done that for 7 years with all of my trucks. Never any door panel issues other than occasional drool and nose prints on the glass. My dude is a 65 lb schnoodle.
  19. Business in da front Party Rear

    On my GMC from the factory.