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  1. Pro Trailer back up assist stickers

    Are you guys saying that now the trailer setup menu lets you pick sensor OR sticker? This was a major complaint we had with the first round of deliveries that the software "required an update" to use the sticker option and no one knew when the update was coming.
  2. Backup Camera in rainy conditions

    I have tried RainX for glass and also for plastic windshields, neither worked. (you aren't supposed to use the glass one on plastic but I tried anyway then cleaned it after it didn't work)
  3. Ford BlueCruise OTA Rollout Delayed Until Q1 2022

    Well gosh dammit. I've been wondering why I haven't gotten that OTA, even though I got on the early adopter list.
  4. Why I sold my 2021 F-150 Limited Powerboost

    I came from a 2017 EB with zero problems and got my '21 PB and the driving and braking feels very much the same to me. With the exception that the PB is "punchier" off the block. I physically cannot tell the transition or difference in braking from regen to pure friction. I only know due to...
  5. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Mine is a paltry 1265#. Fine for me and the wife, but we're over on the rare trips with both girls.
  6. Re-calibrate proximity sensor?

    My driver side rear proximity sensor goes nuts pretty often when there is nothing there at all, and I know it needs re-calibration. I don't feel like making a whole service visit for just that so was putting it off until my first service. BUT... does anyone know how to force a re-calibration...
  7. King Ranch vs Platinum

    The King Ranch is almost 2 levels of trim, since it can start lower price than Plat but end higher. The real trims (not counting Tremor) are like this: XL STX XLT Lariat KR (non chrome) Platinum KR chrome (forced 601A) Limited KR-chrome and Platinum are 100% equal in available specs (except...
  8. What did you NOT expect, but LOVE about your '21 F-150?

    I read and watched so many reviews and posts for months waiting for my truck, so very little surprised me, but here are 2 things: 1) How well Android Auto (wireless) works in Sync4! It sucked so badly in Sync3 that I never used it, not to mention it was USB only and was slow charging. I...
  9. carplay choppy

    I think it is a Sync4 head unit bandwidth issue. It has bluetooth, wifi, and cellular radios and I don't know how well done the programming is on antenna/radio co-existence. For sure, the wifi itself can't seem to keep up with my reverse cameras are on and I'm streaming audio. But the other...
  10. carplay choppy

    I have hit the "choppy audio" issue, I use Android Auto with the latest Samsung Galaxy. I have found the simplest workaround for me is to take my phone and disable wifi. Android Auto will force wifi back on and within about 5 seconds it picks right up where it left off. (no data on whether...
  11. Does your truck fit in your garage?

    HEY! That looks almost EXACTLY like my situation at my condo parking garage! Take a look at this post here I suggest gorilla taping some 4x4 blocks down for the back tires so you can have peace of mind...
  12. 🤡 I'd Like To Play A Game: Keep One, Sell One, Crush One

    Keep: Powerboost. Most usage, most powerful Sell: Powerstroke. Being discontinued and only very short run in '21 will make this rare and can gouge a diesel enthusiast Crush: The V8. Loud and inefficient on fuel, which is a thing of the past at this point Give (friend): The 2.7 EB. The...
  13. Why no auxillary input on Sync 4 system?

    Would be cool if you guys could find some kind of DAC to HD-FM transmitter and then pick it up on the HD tuner in Sync4. At least that would cut out the middle man of ripping into compressed (but large for best quality) files or using a BT transmitter, which could be just basic SBC encoding.
  14. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    Well, you just made me search every folder including deleted and spam for every possible combination of blue and cruise and bluecruise. No dice :(
  15. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    You mean "crosby grace travels"? I was subscribed but now she seems to have moved on to other things and I lost interest. I just liked seeing how they used their imagine and found inexpensive cool places to boondock and camp.
  16. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Oh that little MKE will be nothing for this truck! But it has probably the best layout I've seen in a TT that size with all the counter space and living space (with bed folded up). We just watched basically a whole season of some young youtubers with the MKE going across the country and they...
  17. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Oh duh! Forgot I started with the L14-30 to 14-50 dogbone for my 50A trailer. Then I added the splitter for additional options. My bad
  18. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    RVGUARD RV Y Adapter Cord 50 Amp 14-50P Male Plug to Two 30 Amp TT-30R Female with LED Power Indicator and Disconnect Handle, Green I got this one
  19. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    There are so many fun things in the cluster! I wish I could add the tow status (that shows grades) into MyView so that I can switch around from EV coach to tow status screens without going all the way back to toggle Towing/MyView. I like to use the adaptive cruise and the grade info helps me...
  20. Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist Sensor Install Guide (2021 F-150)

    Yep, you can find the color scheme vs pin number in my post here: That thread has a lotta good info