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  1. Rivian & Ford Cancel Plans to Develop EV Together

    The timing is problematic for Rivian. They are already so far behind and the company is now worth so much without having any sales and according to Elon the hardest part (figuring out mass production) still ahead of them. Buying part of Rivian was a hedge by Ford in case they got beat to...
  2. What's your favorite feature on your truck?

    lane centering (fooled to not ding at my with wrist weight)
  3. Front camera washer in winter

    I wish there was also a sprayer on the back up camera
  4. Copilot 360 and trailer towing

    I sure wouldn't trust any of the auto-drive features to work properly when towing a 7500lb trailer except for regular cruise control
  5. Retrofit power tailgate?

    The sound of the motor sure doesn't inspire confidence in its longevity. Always sounds like its struggling to me. Certainly doesn't sound effortless like a minivans power sliding doors. That said, at least you can turn it off and when you do it closes just like a normal tailgate so if it does...
  6. Retrofit power tailgate?

    by the time you dick around doing this you would have spent more money than just buying the Lariat in the first place but without the increase in resale value. All for a power raising tailgate. My truck has it and its ok but not worth all this trouble imo.
  7. Co-pilot 360 assist 2.0 worth it ?

    yes 100% worth it and then some
  8. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    especially when the update controls critical driving features and most OTA updates install themselves even as you drive
  9. Brief Article on BlueCruise First-drive Impressions

    I was going to be a day 1 buyer of this add on but with the videos that have been released I certainly am going to wait for people not paid by Ford (and without a Ford employee in the car with them) to review it before I switch from my ankle weight. My ankle weight works on all roads and...
  10. Mar 10th order still in order processing....I'm done with Ford!

    If all you want is a truck the RAM might suit your needs. Personally I would say they have a reputation for lower quality, are not great on gas, and have only a fraction of the newest tech features that you can get in the Ford (no lane centering, adaptive cruise won't bring you to a full stop...
  11. Mar 10th order still in order processing....I'm done with Ford!

    Its a Harley so it likely isn't as fast as it looks lol. I have a Harley also, they are not speed machines. Air cooled motor isn't designed for high performance
  12. Anyone else getting key not detected errors?

    my truck doesn't have wireless charging and the key is always in my right pocket with my phone in the left pocket. Clearly there is an antenna issue in some trucks. Not sure where the antennas are located I would assume one is in the console and since it doesn't help to put it in the cup...
  13. Anyone know how the headlights are supposed to work?

    This may be a dumb question. I have a Lariat 502a, sometimes when I push the headlight control it cycles high beam, low beam, auto...other times, for no real reason it just cycles low beams and auto. Any idea why?
  14. Anyone else getting key not detected errors?

    yes I notice when it happens the key slot in the cup holder doesn't seem to help either
  15. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    Looks like the ankle weight is going to cause far less annoying beeping than blue cruise does
  16. Anyone else getting key not detected errors?

    I don't generally have trouble with the door unlocking but mostly just the ignition, I have had a couple times where I have had to grab the handle a couple times to get it to unlock but not as often as the ignition error. I have noticed also that it seems to happen far more when it is hot out...
  17. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    You are a real character. I clearly described what happens when I drive the truck so obviously I own one, I have driven about 10,000km and use cruise control about 90% of the time. I am very familiar with the system and its pros and cons. It does a fine job if you expectations are really low...
  18. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    was just about to post that Sandy Munro video as well. Basically from watching this video it becomes pretty clear that this is just a camera which monitors your eyes in order to have lane keeping not cancel rather than your hands on the wheel. With an ankle weight very sharp bends can be taken...
  19. Anyone else getting key not detected errors?

    I had my wife take the second key out of her purse a while back and I still get the extremely often, even when I am the only person in the vehicle.
  20. 360 camera without front parking sensors

    pushing the camera button isn't a big deal, I have the sensors and still have to push the camera button from time to time to make sure I am fitting in a parking spot when there are no other cars around. The sensors are very nice though. Adaptive cruise is critical to me, I wouldn't own a...