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  1. F-150 Lightning Order Bank goes live in January - according to our Ford rep's email

    Yeah, I was under the impression production would start by mid spring if they were planning to deliver by the end of spring. Unfortunately the OP is suggesting production won't even start until June, which means deliveries won't happen until early summer at best. The tweet you referenced and...
  2. F-150 Lightning Order Bank goes live in January - according to our Ford rep's email

    Interesting... Ford had been saying deliveries in spring 2022. If production isn't starting until June, deliveries clearly won't be made in spring.
  3. Regen braking on Lightning - paddles, single pedal or fixed/controlled coasting ?

    The Mach e has regen regardless of whether one pedal driving is on or off in all available driving modes. The main difference is whether the regen is triggered by simply lifing your food off the pedal or when you apply the brakes. I Whisper mode with one pedal driving off, the car will coast...
  4. Join the Ford Lightning Livestream EVent @ Today, Thursday 10/28 9pm EDT

    Smoked quartz is not blue at all in some pictures, but it does like like it has a blue tint in others. It's a very dark metallic grey for sure with a hint of blue. Kind of odd really, but it does like nice when the blue shows.
  5. Leasing an F-150 Lightning

    The proposed credit will provide up front money at the time of sale, which is different from the existing tax credit.
  6. Ford F-150 Lightning realistic delivery dates

    Yeah, it seemed like the MMEs were built in batches based on configurations locations, and maybe other unknown factors. Build dates seemed to roughly correlate with who ordered first with some variation based other variables. If the Lightning is similar, there will be plenty of people who...
  7. Official 2022 F-150 Lightning Specs, Pricing, Photos & Videos!

    I use my truck around town to buy lumbar for hobby woodworking, plants and dirt for landscaping, family set of bikes, kayaks, dogs, and more. My truck is also my daily driver to work even though my job does not utilize my truck in any way. I went about 6 months last year without a truck...
  8. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    I see the confusion. I agree with your point. DCFC bypasses the onboard chargers, so the dual chargers should not play a role in allowing the Lightning to charge faster at the DCFC with 150kw charging. We are in the same page now. The dual chargers will only help on the 80a level 2 wall charger.
  9. 150 KW Fast Charging Limit

    I hear you... But Tesla, Lucid, Rivian, Hyundai, Kia, and maybe others are able to charge at 300kw or some sort of proprietary 800v charging system that will allow super fast charging. There are already 300 kw fast chargers in existence. The lightning won't be able to utilize them while other...
  10. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    I didn't say anything about 150kw. The 80 amp charger is a level 2 charger for homes. 150 kw has nothing to do with my response. The 150kw number relates to commercial chargers you find at businesses and along highways which are needed for road trips. They are DC fast chargers and operate...
  11. 150 KW Fast Charging Limit

    Why is the lightning limited to 150kw fast charging, when other EVs coming out over the next year are featuring technology such as 800v and 300kw DCFC capabilities? I'm really pleased with what the Lightning offered overall, but this is a bummer... Especially without a longer range battery...
  12. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    The answer was briefly mentioned in the reveal and clarified more in the published list of features, but it's not emphasized well. The ER has dual built in chargers to take advantage of the 80 amp Ford wall charger. The SR truck does not have dual chargers and therefore will not charge as fast...