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  1. Didnt irder 4WD/FX4 will I regret it?

    I'm in Cypress and personally will not own a 2wd truck. We have a boat so it's handy on a steep boat ramp, have land in Robertson County so it gets used up there on occasion. We also rent travel trailers, it's not always the case but every now I need it if depending on the RV park. Big Chief in...
  2. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Who knows… I received my build date in about 10 days with a code 19. Can’t wait to get it but I’m not a patient person and there are several XLTs in the area that are tempting me. I’m trying to hold out for my Lariat 😬
  3. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    From what I understand, Codes 1-10 are only able to be assigned by FMC and will place your order at the top of the list to be built as soon as all parts are available. Codes 11-19 are assigned by the dealer for customer spec orders. There's apparently two platforms which a dealer can place an...
  4. Doug DeMuro gives an F-150 Lightning tour

    I noticed that this was filmed in Austin. Based on the platform that the truck was sitting on, this was an event that Ford held back in October. We stumbled across it after finishing up at the Bronco Off Roadeo.
  5. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Both emails have been from Ford.
  6. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Ford decided I belonged in here instead of the previous 12/13 club. Ordered 11/09, VIN my recieved yesterday with a build week of 12/13. Received another email this evening that I had been bumped to 12/20. Lariat PB, Crew, sport, 4x4, silver, 501, roof, assist 2.0, tow tech, bed/tailgate...
  7. 12/13 Build Week

    I was wondering where this thread was, didn’t realize when I was looking that it hadn’t been created. I ordered 11/09 and received my vin today. I’m starting to get excited!
  8. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Just added my Lariat PB. Ordered 11/9, received my vin this morning with a build week of 12/13
  9. Granger Ford - Hi, from Zach

    Just ordered two weeks ago from a dealer that I have previously used near Houston. While I like my dealer, really wishing that I would’ve reached out to Granger. Definitely will be keeping them in mind for the next purchase, seeing them involved with this community is awesome!
  10. 2022 F-150 ordering & start of production dates

    First post here and I don’t know whether to be optimistic or pessimistic based on the last few pages of this thread lol 22 Lariat 501 Crew, silver, powerboost, tow tech, co pilot assist 2.0, roof, 7.2kw, work surface, wireless charging pad, 20” wheels, lariat sport, bed utility package...